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Entrepreneur Marcos Goiano, 29, took the opposite path from the “blue book”: he started his career as an escort boy and today he works as a professional model in the fashion world. With 1.78m in height and 75 kg, the Tocantinense from Cristalândia (the artistic surname “Goiano” is just a reference to the time he lived in the state) is currently represented by the Just Models Brasil agency and has just starred in his first fashion campaign for a shirt shop.

The photos are already being published in one of the largest e-commerces in the country, on the Dafiti website:

Marcos Goiano veste camisa estampada com desenhos de bananas - Reprodução
Marcos Goiano veste camisa estampada com desenhos de bananas – Reprodução

In an exclusive interview with GAY BLOG BR, the model, entrepreneur and content producer tells why he stopped being an escort boy and how he got into the new profession.

- BKDR -

How did you get the invitation to be a professional model? Did the agency that hired you already know your jobs for people over 18?

The agency got in touch with me through those “scouts” who are looking for people on social networks. If he knew who I was, I still don’t know the answer. However, the person who interviewed me was a straight guy and didn’t know who I was. Then I gave my “wallet” and told him to search Google about me. The next day, he said: “I did what you asked and asked all the gay staff at the agency if they knew who Marcos Goiano was. And they all screamed and were euphoric. So I really found out that you were famous ”. Then I was approved.

And the first job was this for Phi Phi Camisaria, which is on Dafiti’s website?

Yes, that was the first job. I did the interview in one day and the following week I took these photos. Only after this work, the other week, I took the photos for my model book for the agency. From now on I will be shown to other advertisers so that I can get new jobs.

And has all this happened in the past three weeks?

No, it was in January. Due to the pandemic, everything closed in São Paulo. I ended up coming to do social isolation here in Tocantins. I’ve been here for over a month. There was no point in me standing there face up, doing nothing. So, I return to São Paulo on May 12, because I saw on television that this week the state is entering the “orange phase”. Then I will resume the recordings of OnlyFans and let the agency know that I am in São Paulo available to do casting.

Does the model fee outweigh the value of other jobs you do?

The booker said that model fees vary according to the company he is hiring. He said that there are basic fees, of 500 reais, which can reach up to 5,000, 10,000 reais. I still haven’t had contact with these big hires, because I just arrived at the agency. And the agency, for me, until then, I think it’s cool. Of course, what I earn with my OnlyFans and with all the porn sites where I have my videos, exceeds 20 thousand per month.

So, at the moment, I don’t think about abandoning the acting profession, recording adult content, to play a modeling career at this point in the championship, since I am no longer 18 years old. But if later on I realize that it is a very productive thing, which can be nice for me, I can change this key, even because I am reaching a third age, right? (laughs) I’m already on time to start having other visions and other fields to explore, so I made investments in real estate already aiming at a retirement, so I don’t have to do this job [turned to adult entertainment] until very evening. Because I already retired from the career of a call boy, right? I am no longer a “program boy”. I’m just recording videos. As it is very profitable, I keep the recordings.

When did the life of a call boy stop? Was there a specific fact that made you give up your career?

When I came back from the United States, in December 2019. I came with good money. I made some investments. I already had some things in my name, I added, I bought more real estate. And then, I started to get more disgusted with the profession in Brazil. I started focusing on my OnlyFans and realized that I had been losing money for a long time. Even though the revenue that I have today, with profit from videos, is due a lot to the fame that I got with my good months as an escort boy. When I worked doing a program, the good month I took 20 thousand reais. Today I take it easy by releasing 2 videos a week on my channels. One to two videos only. So, let’s say that I need to have 1 (one) sex a week to have the income that I previously had to have sex with hundreds of people. [Silence] I did the calculation here on my calculator, I had to have sex with 66 people. And today I need to have sex with only 4 people. This is the difference of being a “producer of adult content” featured on OnlyFans.

So, that was one of the reasons. Having to have sex with a lot of people, with people I was no longer in the mood for. And I already had a 10-year career as an escort boy, I was already pretty saturated. It was no longer what I wanted for my life.

So you are officially retired from the programs?

Of course, when I return to Europe, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, it is obvious that I am going to work as a call boy. This is obvious. A program that I do in the USA is 300 dollars, the equivalent of 1700 reais. There was a client who paid me 10 thousand dollars a day in New York, that is 56 thousand reais in one day… I will not stop working if I leave Brazil again. So, currently, I don’t want to do this work in Brazil.

And your personal life, do you feel fulfilled in all aspects? Are you dating or meeting someone?

When I stopped living as a call boy I allowed myself to meet someone. So, at the beginning of the year, I was dating a boy… We were dating until last week, inclusive. We had a fight, a silly argument, but a very ugly fight over the phone … So, we’re done. Then we will talk in person when I go to São Paulo. Let us say, then, that right now I am single. But with possibilities for reconciliation. Perhaps. Or not. But if we don’t go back, the queue moves. For me, man was never a problem, right?

To accompany the model:

Instagram: @marcosgoiano_real
Twitter [18+]: @marcosgoianoxxx
OnlyFans: @marcosgoiano

To buy the PhiPhi Camisaria Shirts that Marcos Goiano used in the campaign:

Marcos Goiano veste Phiphi Camisaria - Reprodução/Dafiti
Marcos Goiano veste Phiphi Camisaria – Reprodução/Dafiti
Marcos Goiano veste Phiphi Camisaria - Reprodução/Dafiti
Marcos Goiano veste Phiphi Camisaria – Reprodução/Dafiti
Marcos Goiano veste Phiphi Camisaria - Reprodução/Dafiti
Marcos Goiano veste Phiphi Camisaria – Reprodução/Dafiti
Marcos Goiano veste camisa estampada com desenhos de bananas - Reprodução
Marcos Goiano veste camisa estampada com desenhos de bananas – Reprodução

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