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Dissatisfied with the profession of accountant, Danyel Nacymento (50) took several courses in 2019 in the area of aesthetics and well-being. With the specializations, Danyel started to work with shaving, shaving, massage and waxing, but in a very peculiar way: the services are carried out the way he came into the world – naked. Nacymento makes it clear that his profession does not involve sex, even because he has been married for almost two decades and lives the relationship in a monogamous way.

At first, the business worked in a space inside a spa in the south of Rio, but he did not adapt to the place and soon tried to set up his own business, which, according to him, has been working very well.

Reproduction Danyel Nacymento
Danyel Nacymento – Reproduction

How long have you been cutting naked hair?

I’ve been cutting naked hair since 2019 and I started by chance at Abricó Beach, cutting a friend’s hair.

And are there many teasers?

Yes. There are many songs, but I always explain that I have to stay focused because I have scissors or a razor in my hand, so a distraction can have consequences.

Many funny situations during appointments?

Almost every day they have a funny or unusual situation, but there is a special one. It was a client who asked to rub my ass, as a “resume”, to say that even in Rio de Janeiro (he is from another state) he rubbed the naked barber’s ass.

Reproduction: Danyel Nacymento

You have been married for 17 years, is he not jealous?

It’s been 17 years, jealousy, I believe it exists, but trust is greater.

You always make it clear that your job does not involve sex, but how do you react when a client advances the signal?

I do not allow him to advance the signal, if he tries to do so, I ask him to leave, I have the security guards in the building who, if I need a backup, I can call them.

Reproduction: Danyel Nacymento

Are your customers all gay?

Not only are they gay, I also don’t ask what their sexual orientation is, but I can say that I take care of married and single executives and even application drivers, who have a 20% discount.

Are customers always at ease naked, or does that initial embarrassment beat?

I always make it clear that I only answer naked, who says that he needs some time to get used to the idea, I ask him to look for another place, get used to it and then make an appointment with me.

Reproduction: Danyel Nacymento

You work wearing a black boot and many believe it to be a fetish of yours, when, in fact, it is not …

It’s a mixed! Because it is a barber’s protocol, closed shoes are mandatory to avoid an accident, like, dropping something on the floor and cutting your foot. So I took the opportunity to use something more “cool”.

Plans to expand the business with naked employees?

I will definitely expand as soon as the crowd is already vaccinated, I even have a group of rooms. For sure, everyone will be naked, even my idea is a kind of happy hour, at least every 15 days.

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Danyel also has a blog with homoerotic tales.

Reproduction: Danyel Nacymento

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