He is a versatile gay man, but he can die if he is a...

.“Some guys see it as a challenge, as an opportunity to drop me down, which I find scary”

Bill wants priority for people living with HIV in vaccination against Covid-19

"We cannot leave chronic patients under 60 years old forgotten in the later stages of vaccination", says the deputy author of the proposal
São Paulo já tem mais de 10 mil pessoas cadastradas para o PrEP

São Paulo already has more than 10,000 people registered for PrEP

The addresses for PrEP services can be found on the official website of the city of São Paulo
Documentário sobre HIV "Carta para Além dos Muros" é disponibilizado para escolas

HIV documentary “Carta Para Além dos Muros” is made available to schools

The documentary will be available on the streaming platform VideoCamp from February 25th
Casos de IST pararam de aumentar entre usuários de PrEP, segundo estudo

Gonorrhea and chlamydia cases stopped growing with PrEP use, says study

Before the study, the percentage of participants with positive results for syphilis, gonorrhea or chlamydia was 50% and had been growing about 8% each quarter
Médico esclarece leitores sobre postectomia e prepúcio

Doctor clarifies readers about postectomy and foreskin

Urologist Leonardo Lins returns to clarify other doubts from readers. To send questions to the column on any subject, write to
Brasil imuniza primeira mulher trans contra covid-19

Brazil immunizes first trans woman against covid-19

She lives in Embu das Artes, in the greater São Paulo, and is responsible for awareness and combat programs against STI / IDS in her municipality.

Urologist answers questions from readers about circumcision and lack of sensitivity

The SCRUFF Responde column invited doctor Leonardo Lins to answer questions from some readers. To send questions to the column, write to
Pastor  bolsonarista é intimado por dizer que Coronavac tem HIV dentro

Bolsonarist pastor is summoned for saying that Coronavac has HIV inside

Prosecutor Ricardo Sant´Anna demands that the pastor present in 15 days "his technical, scientific, sanitary or medical skills" that can "accredit him as a qualified specialist to issue an analysis on the topic he addresses".
Brandon Flynn está sóbrio há um ano: "Graças ao apoio constante de vocês"

Brandon Flynn has been sober for a year: “Thanks to your constant support”

In 2017, actor Brandon Flynn had previously revealed that he had a drug problem during high school
95% das pessoas vivendo com HIV em São Paulo têm carga viral indetectável

95% of people living with HIV in São Paulo have an undetectable viral load

The numbers exceed the expectations stipulated by the document "Declaration of Paris" in December 2014 by the Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS)
Medicamento para crianças que vivem com HIV está em falta; repasse é feito pelo Ministério da Saúde

Medication for children that live with HIV is lacking; the transfer is made by...

There is still not a prediction for Kaletra's reposition, said the Health Secretary of Ceará (SESA)
Governo suspende exames de HIV, AIDS e hepatites virais pelo SUS

Brazilian Government suspends tests for HIV, AIDS and viral hepatitis by Unified Health System...

This happened because the contract with the company he carried out expired in November 2019

LGBT adults are at increased risk of heart disease and are not preventing themselves

An unprecedented North American study found that LGBT adults are at a higher risk of heart disease, but take less medication than non-LGBT people
Projeto de vacina contra o HIV está convocando homens gays ou bi para testes

HIV vaccine project is calling gay or bi men for testing

Mosaico, aims to recruit 3,800 gay or bi men, and trans people in the Americas and Europe

80% of people with HIV in SP suffer prejudice when talking about diagnosis

Also high is the percentage living with HIV who confirmed having received a diagnosis of mental health problems (58.4%), says research

USP seeks volunteers to test HPV vaccine against neck and head cancer

These types of cancer develop from oral infections, caused by HPV, and acquired in oral sex without a condom
ABGLT defende gratuidade do SUS: "É no SUS que temos a política integral de saúde"

ABGLT defends SUS free of charge: “It is in SUS that we have a...

ABGLT highlighted the role of SUS in the comprehensive health policy of the LGBTI+ population and in the process of sex change
Tratamento de HIV e remédios antirretrovirais para estrangeiros no Brasil

HIV treatment and antiretroviral medicines for foreigners in Brazil

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1 em cada 5 homens não troca de cueca todos os dias por "não estar suja visivelmente"

1 out of every 5 men don’t change underwear if it isn’t “visibly dirty”

22 percent of men and 20 percent of women wears the same underwear if it doesn't smell bad

Suicide prevention is an urgent matter for erotic actors | Setembro Amarelo (Yellow September)

Many erotic movies actors committed suicide over the last few years. Understand the porn industry's influence over the victims' personal lives