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Nurse Geanne Greggio (44) was the first transgender to be vaccinated against covid-19. She lives in Embu das Artes, in the greater São Paulo, and is responsible for awareness and combat programs against STI / IDS in her municipality.

“I believe I am the first transsexual woman in Brazil to receive the vaccine. Embu is being a pioneer. I just have to thank on behalf of all the people I represent” – she said, according to the Jornal na Net.

“This vaccine comes with hope and expectation” – said the mayor Ney Santos“The world is waiting for her. The vaccine brings hope for better days for all of us. We are going to start vaccinating health professionals, but the dream is to vaccinate 100% of the city’s population. Today is a cause for celebration for the whole city” – completed.

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Embu das Artes received 1,800 doses of CoronaVac. In addition to Greggio, the vaccine was also applied to Rita dos Santos, who has worked for 33 years in the city of Embu; Dona Silvia, a city employee for over 40 years; in addition to two women named Rejane and Alda, also from the health area.

The immunization was at the Coronavirus Combat Center, in Vazame.

Brazil immunizes first trans woman against covid-19


According to information obtained by the Correio Braziliense, the covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech protects against the coronavirus variant identified in the United Kingdom, according to an article published by scientists from the two pharmaceutical companies last January 19.

The document reaffirms the findings published earlier this month in another article written by scientists at Pfizer, which also indicated protection of the immunizer against the new strain. While the previous study tested a virus made in the laboratory that had a key mutation present in the UK variant, the new research tested a virus made in the laboratory with all mutations.

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