Atriz de "Jesus travesti" ganha bolsa internacional por iniciativa cultural

“Jesus transvestite” actress wins international scholarship for cultural initiative

She earned the equivalent of R$ 36 thousand
Político transfóbico é flagrado vendo pornografia trans nos EUA

Transphobic senator spotted watching trans porn in the U.S.A.

Tom Whatley liked a trans pornographic video

New Harry Potter game will allow the player to create trans witches and wizards

Development team has been pushing for this transinclusive character creation after JK Rowling's transphobic comments
Tarso Brandt (1)

MTV Brazil scales first trans participant for reality show “De Férias com o Ex”...

In addition to Tarso Brant, the program will feature two gays (Rico Melquíades and Matheus Pasquarelli) and a bisexual (Marina Gregory, who participated in the reality show “The Circle”).
Presidente da Argentina cria Conselho para combater feminicídios e transfobia

Argentine President creates Council to fight femicides and transphobia

Recently, two cases of femicide had great repercussions in Argentina
Luto: 4 anos do brutal assassinato da travesti Dandara

Mourning: 4 years of the brutal murder of transvestite Dandara

ANTRA published in full the documentary "Dandara", made by journalists Flávia Ayer and Fred Bottrel
Criança inspira pai a criar biquínis e maiôs para pessoas trans

Child inspires father to create bikinis and swimsuits for trans people

Canadian company creates clothing for trans children
Argentina estabelece 1% das vagas no setor público para pessoas trans

Argentina establishes 1% of public sector vacancies for trans people

Registration can be done on the official website of the Argentine government, where the jobs are listed.
Festival Sundance de Cinema exibe filme nacional com personagem central trans

With a trans protagonist, “Inabitada” is the only Brazilian short film selected for the...

In the 28th edition of the MixBrasil Festival, “Inabitada” won, by the jury, in the categories "Best Script" and "Best Interpretation" (Luciana Souza)
influencers trans

Youtube Brasil indicates 5 trans influencers that stand out on the platform

On this Trans Visibility Day, Youtube Brasil selected some trans youtubers who share their daily lives and experiences
Padre Alfredo Dórea, responsável pela IBCM (Foto: Jefferson Peixoto)

Priest creates republic for trans youth in Salvador, Brazil

The reception screening will be carried out by the CPDD-LGBT staff, located at Rua do Tijolo, nº 8, Pelourinho - Salvador, Bahia.

For the 13th consecutive year, Brazil is the country that kills the most trans...

Dossier points to necro-Trans-politics, the death of trans people, as a naturalized action plan in Brazil
Morre Ygona Moura em decorrência do Covid-19

Ygona Moura dies of complications from Covid-19

She entered the Twitter trending topics when she was hospitalized with covid-19 after she neglected the disease and went to crowded parties
Brasil imuniza primeira mulher trans contra covid-19

Brazil immunizes first trans woman against covid-19

She lives in Embu das Artes, in the greater São Paulo, and is responsible for awareness and combat programs against STI / IDS in her municipality.
Após aglomeração em festas, webcelebridade Ygona pede por orações no hospital

After crowds at parties, webcelebrity Ygona asks for prayers at the hospital

With phrases like "let's go agglomeration", Ygona was "canceled" at the end of the year after attending parties in Rio de Janeiro

Company condemned for transphobic propaganda on Women’s Day

According to the judge's decision, the campaign "extrapolates freedom of expression" and fosters prejudice
Empresário muda regras de sorteio para não entregar prêmio a uma ganhadora trans

An entrepreneur changed the giveaway rules so he wouldn’t give the prize to a...

Thay Ferrarini was the winner of a motorclycle giveaway from the company Junior Car Motors, in the city of Campos dos Goytacazes
Deezer retira música transfóbica de dupla sertaneja: "Não compactuamos com transfobia"

Deezer removes transphobic music from country duo: “We don’t agree with transphobia”

Deezer's position was praised by the National Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals (ANTRA)
Majur estampa capa digital da revista inglesa Gay Times

Majur prints digital cover of British magazine Gay Times

During an interview, the Bahian singer also commented on the high rate of violence against trans people in Brazil
Médico afirma que homens trans poderão ter um pênis 100% funcional em breve

Doctor says trans men may have 100% functional penis soon

"It would be a quantum leap to be able to transplant a real penile structure. And we are going to exceed this limit!" - says surgeon Curtis Cetrulom

“Rua Dandara Ketley”, a tribute to the transvestite murdered in Ceará three years ago

City Hall approved street name in Bairro Bom Jardim, in Fortaleza, proposed by PT councilman
RuPaul´s Drag Race terá homem trans em nova temporada; confira lista de participantes

RuPaul’s Drag Race will have a trans man in a new season; check list...

The new season should premiere on January 1

US Supreme Court decides that trans should use toilet according to gender they identify...

Judges rejected parents' request to "avoid discrimination and ensure the safety and well-being of transgender students"
Para poupar os filhos de bullying, Léo Áquilla conta que nunca foi buscá-los no colégio

To save his children from bullying, Léo Áquilla says he never went to pick...

"I instructed them not to tell anyone that they were my children, and they never said"
Empresa suíça abre vaga de emprego para pessoas trans no Brasil

Swiss company opens job vacancies for trans people in Brazil

The partnership aims to increasingly seek to offer equal opportunities for all

After death threats, drag leaves Universal Church: “The church ended my belief”

Sophia Barclay says she joined Universal after she read that Edir Macedo said in 2015 that gays were "welcome"

Brazil is the one that kills the most trans in the world for 12...

Crisis and unemployment, added to the pandemic and the increase in police brutality around the world, makes 2020 one of the most violent years for the trans population

Two trans people among the most voted for the São Paulo Chamber

With 99% of the polls counted, Erika Hilton (PSOL) had 50,447 votes and Thammy Miranda (PL), son of singer Gretchen, had 43,297 votes

Hate speech against transgender people could face up to three years in prison in...

Law change in Norway now covers transgender people who suffer prejudice in a public and / or private way
Estátua de ícone feminista é coberta com uma blusa do movimento anti-trans

Feminist icon statue is covered with a blouse from the anti-trans movement

The statue was created by the lesbian artist Maggi Hambling and shows a small figure made in silver totally naked on top of a pedestal.