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Football coach Toninho Cerezo gave an interview to UOL Esporte and said he was already fired from his job when they found out he had a trans daughter, Lea T, in 2010.

“At the time, for the football world, you needed to see. I was coaching a team, I think it was Sport, and I’m pretty sure they sent me away because of that. I think it was, I hope not, I hope that I am wrong “, he said.

The channel sought out Sport director Gustavo Dubeux that year, who denied the relationship between dismissal and prejudice. “It had nothing to do with it. I think there was some mistake, because nothing was said about Cerezo’s daughter at Sport”, he said.

Toninho Cerezo says he was fired for being the father of a trans woman

The article also shows the side of Lea T, who gave an interview to the channel in 2018 and said he was very afraid his transition would hurt his father’s career.

“I was afraid because of football. My name was not Leandra Cerezo initially, because Ricardo [referência ao estilista baiano Riccardo Tisci] helped me, but also because I didn’t want to be told that I was Cerezo. I was afraid that this could harm my father’s career “ – said.

Nessa época, ela também comentou sobre a demissão de seu pai: “He doesn’t tell me, but I found out that he did [foi demitido por preconception contra Lea]. I had no proof of things, but I think that in some ways they had negative reactions. He never told me and I don’t think he would tell me. He wouldn’t want this to be a burden. Such a strong choice in my life “

It is worth mentioning that Lea T says that the acceptance of the family was a process, but that today everyone supports it.
“My father was so wonderful that when he said [dele ser prejudicado na carreira por causa da filha] he called me: ‘Lea, I may lose all the work in the world, go to the street, but I will be proud to be your father and I do not want you to think that your happiness has to depend on my job ‘. For my father and mother, my happiness is theirs “

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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