Players lower their shorts during a free kick to distract goalkeeper

The tactic did not have much effect
Toninho Cerezo diz que foi demitido por ser pai de mulher trans

Toninho Cerezo says he was fired for being the father of trans model Lea...

Lea T said she was afraid that her gender transition would disrupt her father's career

Italian gay party accuses Milan striker of homophobia

Player Zlatan Ibrahimovic reportedly committed homophobia and discrimination by making a joke at the Sanremo Festival
Marcelo Bechler

“Each club must have 1 or 2 gay players and no one comes out...

By popular vote, journalist Marcelo Bechler was elected in the “Non-Toxic Straight of the Year” category at the 2020 Poc Awards.
Phillip Lahm - Reprodução

Philipp Lahm thinks soccer players shouldn’t come out of the closet when top

"There is still a lack of acceptance in the world of soccer and in society in general", believes the ex-player
Jogadores alemães se manifestam em prol de colegas gays

German players speak out for gay colleagues

"The fear of being attacked, excluded or having their career damaged is still so great that gay players still believe they need to hide sexuality"
Hig Roberts

After coming out of the closet, alpine skier reports “smoother and easier” life

“When I started to move up the sport hierarchy, I didn't see anyone or hear from anyone who thought the same way as I did”
marco jogador de basquete

Swiss basketball player reveals he is gay so he doesn’t have to lead a...

"I have been changing personalities until now, and it was affecting my mental health" - said
Jogadores do Chorley FC comemoram classificação improvável ao som de Adele

Chorley FC players celebrate unlikely classification to Adele’s sound

After an improbable classification against Derby County, of the 2nd division, for the FA Cup, athletes celebrate in the locker room singing "Someone Like You"
Pátria Amada, Futebol

Beloved homeland, soccer

D. Luiz Miranda is the communication secretary of the Associação Atlética Tubraões, that reunites LGBT+ sportists of Grande Florianópolis
É encontrado morto Diogo Paz, jogador do primeiro time LGBT+ de rugby do Brasil

Player of Brazil’s first LGBT+ rugby team found dead

"It was a murder, he was the victim of a beating and whoever did it will have to pay," said a friend of Diogo Paz.
Fotos íntimas dos jogadores Gabriel Jesus e Diego Costa são encontradas em um Bíblia

Intimate photos of players Gabriel Jesus and Diego Costa are found in a Bible

A Bible delivered to a charity store had intimate photos of Brazilians Diego Costa and Gabriel Jesus

American ski champion declares himself gay: “It’s part of me and I’m proud of...

"Not being able to be who I am and not being openly gay as a professional athlete was really hampering my performance," said Roberts
Catar vai permitir símbolos LGBTQIA+ durante a Copa do Mundo de 2022

Qatar will allow LGBTQIA+ symbols during the 2022 World Cup

But public displays of affection are still frowned upon
Jogador de futebol que destruiu bandeira do arco-íris pede desculpas

Soccer player who destroyed the rainbow flag apologizes

His attitude ended up generating many homophobic comments on social networks

Rugby star says that he was tricked into appearing in a gay movie: “I...

Kurt Capewell says he feels ashamed for doing a photo shoot in 2013
Pesquisa comprova que 42% dos jovens LGBTs sofreram homotransfobia no meio esportivo

Research shows that 42% of LGBT youths suffered homotransphobia in sports

"Sport seems to be stuck in the 1980s, where nothing is changing in terms of the homophobic play that happens"
Zagueiro pode ser punido por ter apalpado pênis de adversário

Defender can be punished for touching his opponent’s penis

It can even be banned by the act

Russian national team captain cut after intimate video leak

Dzyuba has already been spotted simulating sexual intercourse with a teammate during Russian title celebrations
Pride House Tokyo - Divulgação

Tokyo opens its first major community hub for LGBT+ people

The institution was inaugurated on Sunday, October 11, the date on which "Coming Out Day" is celebrated, and it will work on a permanent basis

After a fight, volleyball players from Japan make peace with a kiss on the...

Sporting spirit: a fight that started between two male volleyball players ended in the best possible way - with a gay kiss.