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Spanish water polo athlete Victor Gutiérrez (30) exposed on his Instagram profile an episode of homophobia during a match that took place on April 17th. He has been called “maricón” (the equivalent of faggot or fairy”) twice by Nemanja Ubovic of Club Natació Sabadell. The information is from El País.

“Today I lived through an episode of homophobia competing” – said Victor in his Instagram description – “I’m very proud to be who I am, but today I was attacked by a professional colleague who wanted to harm me.

‘Maricón’ is not an insult. My tears are of anger and impotence. Anger and impotence at what happens in swimming pools, soccer fields, tennis courts… and what we suffer as professionals, but also with children.


Water polo player counters homophobia:

Gutiérrez exposed his homosexuality in 2016, when he came to Brazil to compete in water polo at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. At the time, aged 25, he said that the “coming out of the closet” was necessary because there were almost no athletes who exposed their homosexuality.

“Things would be easier if great personalities in this sport took a step further, especially in more media-oriented sports such as football or basketball. Because they could influence the opinion of thousands of people and change things faster. But there are still very few sportsmen who show their homosexuality” – he told the Spanish channel Shangay at the time.

It is worth remembering that an international peer-reviewed study by Monash University in Melbourne analyzed survey responses from 1173 young lesbian, gay and bisexual youth from New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and Australia.

It found that 42% of young gay and bisexual men in this country reported being bullied by homophobic team sports, while young New Zealanders were the least likely to report their teammates leaving the sport. Keep on reading.

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