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For most people, especially the most famous, having their life story or relevant fact revealed by the media is quite a moment. Hig Roberts seems to treat the matter more naturally.


According to the American Olympic skier, on the day that an article in the media revealed his homosexuality publicly, he slept until later and woke her up with dozens of messages from friends and strangers talking about the fact, which reminded him: “ Ah, yes, there was that ”. His life, not just in sport, has changed.

In a conversation during OutsportsFive Rings to Rule Them All podcast, Roberts talked about the new life that opened up after that day and the positive consequences of turning out to be gay. He revealed that he received support from all parties, even from where he least expected it, from teammates to his competitors, in addition to complete strangers.

“I’m breathing again”, he confessed. “Life looks smoother and easier than ever. I feel very lucky and blessed to have people supporting me and wanting to hear more about my story and discuss it with me. ”


The athlete’s attitude is unprecedented within alpine skiing and he himself says he feels the responsibility to take part in the process that does not stop helping new LGBTQIA+ athletes to do the same, but must continue in efforts to create an environment more likely to accept the diversity with naturalness. Fortunately, Roberts says he has had “excellent conversations” with other athletes and sport directors and that many people are already thinking about how to make new affirmative actions feasible.

The American also declared that he was young and was beginning to accept himself as gay when he started to gain notoriety in the sport. When looking for someone within his world to look up to, he did not find it, which raises a question about the importance of plural representativeness within all sectors of society.

“When I started to climb the hierarchy of the sport, I didn’t see anyone or hear of anyone who thought the same way as I did. And that’s what led me to this illusion that my brain was playing a trick on me, because how could that be possible? “

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