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Italy’s Gay Party spokesman Fabrizio Marrazzo accused Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic of homophobia and discrimination after a joke in Sanremo. The information is from the Football Italia website.

The Swede is currently performing at the 71st edition of the annual Ligurian music festival, where host Amadeus asked the 39-year-old to imagine himself broadcasting the show from his home.

“Singers in the living room, girls with Zlatan”, he replied. “You in the kitchen making me coffee.”

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic / Reproduction

Amadeus then asked what singer Achille Lauro would do.

“We are going to put him in the garage to take care of the cars, the thieves are not going to come in and they are not going to steal anything because they are afraid of him.”

The Gay Party spokesman explained to the newspaper La Repubblica that it was a ‘derogatory and sexist tone’

Then he recalled: “Ibrahimovic, already in Spain, in 2010, made a homophobic joke when a journalist asked if he was gay and he replied, ‘bring me your sister’”.

Marrazzo also pointed to the recent “racist offenses against the mother of Inter striker Romelu Lukaku”.

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