SCRUFF se une a parceiros para desmistificação, prevenção, testagem e esclarecimento sobre HIV

SCRUFF joins partners to demystify, test and clarify HIV

For "Red December", the SCRUFF app connects to the Barong Cultural Institute, AIDS Health Foundatin, UNAIDS and the LGBTI+ Public Policy Coordination of the city of São Paulo

Amidst “Pink October” and “Blue November”, Avon creates “Violet Month” in favor of trans...

The project, which annually aims to cover the period from October 15th to November 15th, has a film starring the singer Pepita, Jonas Maria and Bielo
Padre Alfredo Dórea, responsável pela IBCM (Foto: Jefferson Peixoto)

Priest creates republic for trans youth in Salvador, Brazil

The reception screening will be carried out by the CPDD-LGBT staff, located at Rua do Tijolo, nº 8, Pelourinho - Salvador, Bahia.
Há dois anos a AMAR+VET vem atuando em várias frentes de combate ao preconceito e à LGBTfobia dentro das faculdades de veterinária

LGBT+ Brazilian veterinarians create association for multi-orientation and reception

For two years AMAR+VET has been working on several fronts to combat prejudice and LGBTphobia within veterinary schools