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Avon, make-up and cosmetics brand, launches the “Violet Month” movement to talk about the health of trans people who do not feel represented by the Pink Octoberand Blue November preventive campaigns.

The project, which aims to cover the period from October 15th to ONovember 15th, has a film starring the singer Pepita, one of the first trans funk singer in Brazil, the content creator Jonas Maria and the presenter and influencer Bielo Pereira in a a very common moment: the search for answers on the health of trans people on the internet.

From this manifesto, the concept of the Violet Month, is presented, a period to welcome the trans community, offering medical support via telemedicine, in addition to exclusive educational content on the brand’s social networks in partnership with specialist doctors in the field to provide a secure source of information about the health of trans people.

With the support of AVUS, a platform that seeks the democratization of health, Avon will connect 2000 trans people free of charge to eight consultations for one year with professionals in psychology, cardiology, general practitioner, dermatology, gynecology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, pediatrics, psychiatry , urology and vascular, in addition to speech therapy and nutritionist with more accessible values. 24-hour on-call support with a general practitioner and discounts on medications will also be offered. Registration will be released in the coming weeks on the brand’s social networks.

“With this unprecedented campaign, we seek to democratize not only beauty, but also access to healthcare for all fairly, through quality information for the group and society. More than a month of awareness, we want to strengthen the trans community’s sense of belonging and show, in practice, the importance of welcoming diversity”, explained Viviane Pepe, Communication director at Avon Brasil, to GAY BLOG BR by email.

Pepita - Disclosure
Pepita – Disclosure

Factsheet Film “Violet Month”

Title: “Mês Violeta” (Violet Month)
Agency: Wunderman Thompson
Client: AVON
Product: Institutional
CCO: Keka Morelle
Creative Directors: Roberta Harada, Alessandra Pereira and Alvin Shiguefuzi
Copywriter: André Prestes, Viviane Silvestre and Bruno Leite
Art Director: Ana Peroni and André Petrini
Executive Business Director: Fernanda Ricci
Service: Gabriel Fiorelli and Natalia Vasconcelos
PR: Vivian Zeni, Suellen Ciriaco and Hellen Araujo
Media Head: Wanessa Singh
Media: Carolina Bertão, Priscila Sousa, Renata Saito, Thais Anízio and Camilla Andrade
CSO: Stella Pirani
Planning: Juliana Meirelles
Insights: Sabrina Teixeira
Content: Grazielle Gervasio, Mariana Hasselmann and Tatiani Lopatiuk
RTV Production: Ana Mello and Gabriella Varela
Edition: Gabriel Maria
Influence: Carolina Bertelli and Gabriella Varela
Client Approval: Viviane Pepe, Lucas Fajardo, Aline Viana, Fernanda Conceição
Producer: Rebolución
Director: Asaph Luccas
Executive Producer: Ciro Cesar
Service: Fabiana Gimenez
Producer: Paula Soares
Line Producer: Alexandre Mancen
Photography Director: Milena Seta
Production Assistants: Sarah Moura and Tiago Polleto
Director Assistant: Bartolomeu Oliveira
Second Director Assistant: Nay Mendi
Art Director: Nídia Aranha
Lease Producer: Alexandre Rocha
Makeup Artist: Mari Kato
Stylist: A neco Oblangata
Post-Production Coordinator: Rafael Hernandes
Submission: Rafael Hernandes
Editor: Nathália Kamura
Color Grading: Acauan Pastore
Composition Artists: Eduardo Nascimento
Motion Designer: Diego Britto
Sound Producer: SQUAD
Executive Director: Zi Namur / Dario Forghieri
Musical Direction: Zi Namur
Producer: Team Squad
Sound Coordination: Karina Coviello

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