Eloína dos Leopardos: A musa dos felinos da noite gay carioca

Eloína dos Leopardos: The muse of the felines of the gay night in Rio

Eloína has a lot of story to tell, muse of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and also of the gay night, she was already the subject of a documentary, lived in Europe and created one of the most popular shows: The Night of the Leopards
ana fadigas

Ana Fadigas, founder of G Magazine, remembers stories and achievements

Creator of “G Magazine”, Ana Fadigas showed frontal nudity of the most coveted and famous men in the country for years
Fachada da boate Le Boy - Reprodução

Le Boy: the disco that marked an era in Rio de Janeiro

Henry Cavill, Calvin Klein, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Valentino, Rupert Everett, Katy Perry and Rihanna were some of the regulars

“Bananaloca”, the publication that originated the G Magazine

The last active in the segment, G Magazine went out of circulation in June 2013 after 176 editions, leaving the market without an equivalent product

Night of the Leopards – The legendary gay spectacle that shook Copacabana in the...

Madonna, Liza Minelli, Cazuza, Elza Soares, Caetano Veloso and several others great artists were in audience of the show
James Bond

Antony Hamilton, the actor who wasn’t cast to play James Bond for being gay

The actor, who was a dancer, model and actor on United States during his life, never hid his sexual orientation and was an AIDS victim in the 90s
matriarchyrecords gala

Interview: Gala, the most iconic singer of the 90’s dance floor

In an exclusive interview to the GAY BLOG BR, Gala Rizzatto talks about her trajectory and the desire to sing in a LGBT Parade in Brazil

Nico Puig, the James Dean of the tropics

In an exclusive interview with GAY BLOG BR, Nico Puig spoke about the evolution of his personal, professional and loving trajectory