Botsuana descriminaliza a homossexualidade definitivamente

Botswana decriminalizes homosexuality definitively

There had already been a decriminalization in 2019, but the conservative wing filed an appeal trying to reverse the situation

MPF determines whether Bolsonaro government excluded questions on gender identity from the 2022 Census

The preliminary investigation was opened by the Federal Public Ministry of Acre, but it extends to the Census of the whole country
Mãe trans impedida de registrar o filho ganha indenização de R$ 60 mil

Trans mother prevented from registering her child earns compensation of R$ 60 thousand

Agata Mostardero had not been able to register her son as his biological mother because she was a trans woman.

Hungary sues TV for displaying “unsuitable for children” commercial against homophobia

Far-right government agency has already banned gay characters in books and fined Coca-Cola ad

White House appoints senior consultant for LGBTQIA+ issues

Biden-Harris administration is bringing important queer voices to decisions of the world's largest democracy

Polish court acquits LGBT activists accused of offending religious feelings

They distributed posters of the Virgin Mary showing a halo with the colors of the rainbow, in an allusion to the flag of the gay movement

Naomi Campbell and other influential figures cry out for protection of LGBTQIA+ in Ghana

A total of 67 celebrities condemned the crackdown on the LGBTQIA + community in Ghana in an open letter on The Guardian
Ministro da Educação e Roberto Jefferson são processados por homofobia pela Justiça de SP

Minister of Education and Roberto Jefferson are sued for homophobia by the SP Justice...

The punitive administrative processes were published in the Official Gazette this Thursday, 04

Rights progress, but same-sex relationships are still a crime in 69 nations

According to an international NGO report, six countries still punish relations between LGBT people with the death penalty

Bolivia recognizes first civil union between people of the same sex

David Víctor Aruquipa and Guido Álvaro Durán had their civil union certificate issued on the 9th

Bhutan parliament in Asia decriminalizes homosexuality

The changes still need to be approved by the King of Bhutan to become a law

US Supreme Court decides that trans should use toilet according to gender they identify...

Judges rejected parents' request to "avoid discrimination and ensure the safety and well-being of transgender students"

IRS ignores LGBTI couples and maintains requirement of “father” and “mother” in CPF of...

Folha's report shows that the requirement of the Federal Revenue Service brings practical problems, such as when receiving emergency assistance

LGBTQ+ community requires same-sex couples to be counted in China’s census

Homosexuality has been legal in China since 1997, but the LGBTQ+ community still campaigns for equality in marriage

Brazilian Senate approves greater penalty for crimes for prejudice to sexual orientation

Text approved in the Senate does not define, however, how long the sentence can be increased in these cases

Germany approves payment of compensation for gays discriminated against in the army

The legislation provides for the lifting of military court verdicts imposed by consensual gay sex, with 3,000 euros in damages.
Empresas que discriminarem LGBTs no DF poderão ser fechadas

Companies that discriminate LGBTs in Brasilia may be closed

The establishment may also pay a fine of up to R$ 106,410.00

Tasmania will compensate homosexuals and transvestites punished by old homophobic law

Australian state of Tasmania ended punishment of LGBT people in 2018

Hate speech against transgender people could face up to three years in prison in...

Law change in Norway now covers transgender people who suffer prejudice in a public and / or private way

Hungarian government proposes to ban adoption by homosexual couples

The amendment proposes that only couples of the opposite sex can adopt a child and further specify that "the mother is a woman and the father a man"

European Union presents plan to combat hate against LGBT+ people

In Europe, 43% of LGBT+ people say they feel discriminated against, compared with 37% in 2012
Bolsonaro perde processo para padre que o criticou por posicionamentos homofóbicos

Bolsonaro loses lawsuit to priest who criticized him for homophobic positions

The judge pointed out the absence of any crime and ordered Bolsonaro to pay the costs and fees of the process

Actions on the web celebrate anniversary of law against homophobia this Thursday

Law to combat homophobia in the State of São Paulo, 10,948 / 01, turns 19 this Thursday (5)

Vatican says pope’s speech on gay civil union was taken out of context

Vatican statement says, in fact, the pope referred to the right of homosexuals to be accepted by their families as children and brothers
Trans impedida de usar banheiro feminino será indenizada com R$ 12 mil

Trans barred from using women’s bathroom will be compensated at R$ 12,000

"It is a perfect example of a violation of the dignity of the human person" - said the public defender
Cidade do México criminaliza "cura gay" e infratores podem pegar até três anos de cadeia

Mexico State state criminalizes “gay cure” and imposes penalty of three years of prision

The penalty is even stricter for those who have some kind of emotional bond with the accused, as a family member
Estabelecimentos que discriminarem LGBTQIA+ em Salvador pagarão multa de até R$ 100 mil

Establishments that discriminate against LGBTQIA+ in Salvador will pay a fine of up to...

The establishment may have its license revoked
Pastor que comparou gays a câncer deverá indenizar LGBTQIA+ em R$ 100 mil

The pastor who compared gay people to cancer shall indemnify the LGBTQIA+ community in...

He also was one of the authors of the gay cure project
Associação LGBT de Joinville emite nota de repúdio perante caso do bilhete homofóbico dos vizinhos andando de mãos dadas

The LGBT Association of Joinville issued a repudiation statement regarding the case of a...

"It is sad that such a simple and beautiful act as holding hands is seen as disrespectful just because it comes from a homoaffective couple"
Gilberto Barros é denunciado por discriminação homofóbica pela Secretaria de Justiça de SP

Brazilian TV host is charged of homophobic discrimination by the Department of Justice of...

The TV host has disappeared from social media since this happened