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On Tuesday (4), Israel went on to allow homosexual couples and single men to have children through surrogacy. The information is from the portal G1.

Until then, the country’s legislation prohibited people who fit under these conditions to have children through surrogacy. However, Supreme Court ruled that these restrictions should end.

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Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz, stated that this is a historic day for the struggle of the LGBTQIA+ community in Israel. Because of the ban, it was common for gay couples who wanted to have children for surrogacy in Israel to travel to other countries.

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According to the G1 report, this was an old demand from Israel’s LGBTQIA+ community, as only heterosexual couples and single women could resort to surrogacy pregnancy.

In July 2021, the Israeli Supreme Court received a lawsuit that had been filed by LGBTQIA+ activists in the country. Ministers considered that the ban violated the rights of gay couples and single men and that the rule should change in six months.

Thus, the new law comes into force from Tuesday (4) in Israel. Now, in addition to heterosexual couples and single women, gay couples and single men can also raise children through surrogacy.

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