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The Australian state of Tasmania must compensate the LGBT+ people it condemned for homosexuality and transvestism, says a report to which the Gay Star News website had access.

Like all of Australia, Tasmania ended these laws and, in 2018, agreed to clear the criminal records of innocent LGBT+ people that it condemned under cruel legislation. The revision of the law also recommends compensation for victims.

The report says: “This payment must be available automatically upon completion of an application in which the secretary [government] has determined to eliminate any charges or convictions”.

“It should not involve an audience and it should be an amount determined by the government to be appropriate.”


In addition, it recommends two payment levels. Higher payments should go to LGBT+ people who have had convictions listed in their criminal records.

In the meantime, those who have been charged with crimes, but never had them listed in their criminal records, should be paid less.

Activists celebrate the measure

Equality Tasmania LGBT+ equity activists welcomed the recommendation. The organization had previously asked for financial compensation for victims of the laws.

The spokesman, Rodney Croome, says that “it was a mistake not to include financial compensation in the original purge legislation, due to the trauma, indignity and disadvantage caused by the conviction.”

“The injustice suffered by those who have been condemned requires more than recognition and purge, it requires reward.”

In fact, many of the men convicted by the laws have already died. However, while Equality Tasmania estimates that at least 10 of the victims remain alive, none have made successful requests for their records to be deleted.

The review also found that it was very difficult to access the application forms to start the process. And he asked the government to change the law to include people who resisted or obstructed the police to enforce anti-LGBT+ laws.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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