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The law to combat homophobia in the State of São Paulo, 10,948 / 01, turns 19 this Thursday (5). Public and civil society companies and institutions will take actions on their social networks, in favor of sexual and gender diversity. The hashtags #SPagainstHomophobia, #SPagainstTransphobia, #SPagainstLGBTphobia, and #MoreReSPect will be in evidence on the networks.

The disrespect to the law against the practice of discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation must be registered on the website of the São Paulo State Department of Justice and Citizenship.

Sanctioned on November 5, 2001 by the then governor Geraldo Alckmin, the law provides for the punishment of up to 3 thousand monetary units of the State (about R$ 80 thousand, in this year’s price) for those who commit the following crimes, according to article 2:

I- perform any type of violent, embarrassing, intimidating or vexatious action,
moral, ethical, philosophical or psychological;

II – prohibit the entry or stay in any environment or establishment
public or private, open to the public;

III – practice selected service that is not duly determined by law;

IV – deprecate, surcharge or prevent accommodation in hotels, motels, pensions or


V – deprecate, surcharge or prevent the lease, purchase, acquisition, lease or
lending movable or immovable property for any purpose;

VI – practice the employer, or his agent, acts of direct or indirect dismissal, in
function of the employee’s sexual orientation;

VII – inhibit or prohibit admission or professional access to any establishment
public or private depending on the professional’s sexual orientation;

VIII – prohibit the free expression and expression of affection, these expressions and
manifestations allowed to other citizens.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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