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Hungary’s National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) is suing the media group RTL for running a commercial against homophobia. The claim is that the advertisement is unsuitable for children. The information is from Folha Pe.

The ad, which has been on the air since December, reproduces criticisms of LGBT families – called rainbow families – made on social media and shows the reactions and responses of homosexual fathers and mothers, teachers and a sociologist at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The Hungarian Media Law, one of the first texts enacted after President Viktor Orbán came to power in 2010, states that broadcasting channels have among their objectives “to promote respect for the institution of marriage and the value of the family”.


In May last year, the country banned transgender people from changing their names on documents, and in November, it amended the constitution to restrict the definition of mother and father to heterosexual women and men, limiting adoption by nontraditional couples.

Under the title “Family is family”, the target of the lawsuit was carried out by an association for the defense of LGBT rights, the Háttér Society. NMHH also fined Coca-Cola in 2019 for the “Love is love” campaign, which featured gay couples.

According to the government, pictures of kisses between women and hugs between men in soda commercials could “hinder the physical, mental, emotional and moral development of children and adolescents”.

In December last year, a children’s fairy tale book was forced by the Hungarian government to circulate with the warning that it “exhibits patterns of behavior that differ from traditional gender roles” by including LGBT and “non-white” characters.

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