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Although the configurations of the families are very diverse, there is still a place where there is only the possibility of having a father and a mother: the IRS. Homotransffective couples who need to register their children’s CPF (kind of ID) are disappointed to find in the form only the fields “father” and “mother”, revealed a report by Folha de São Paulo.

In addition to psychological violence against diverse family backgrounds, says the newspaper, this aspect has practical implications, such as the difficulty in obtaining government benefits, including emergency aid.

Marcela Tiboni, 38, noticed the failure to consult the document number of the two-year-old children in the IRS system, which asked for the child’s name and date of birth plus CPF and mother’s name. She placed herself in the field of maternal affiliation, and the search returned empty.

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On the physical birth certificate, there are she and Melanie Graille, 31, as mothers of the pair. But, in the government database, nothing. “And now tell me, in an increasingly digital world, what will be worth more, paper or digital? To the State, am I a mother of my children or not?”

According to Folha, five years ago, the Federal Public Ministry of Rio recommended to the Revenue a change in the CPF file: instead of “father” and “mother”, the expressions “genitor 1” and “genitor 2”. To date, the suggestion has not been accepted.

In 2011, the Supreme Federal Court determined that the same-sex union is a family nucleus like any other, so there should be no impediments for homosexuals to adopt. “And so far, the IRS has not mobilized itself to do anything, it continues to keep people linked to the condition of mother,” says Teodoro’s father and, in the future, a girl she will call Leonor.

When questioned, the Federal Revenue Service told Folha’s report by means of a note that “it provided access to all CPF data for the granting of emergency aid by the Ministry of Citizenship, including gender-independent membership data.”

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