Segunda edição da festa "SCRUFF RED" acontecerá nessa sexta-feira em São Paulo

Second edition of the “SCRUFF RED” party will take place this Friday in São...

Official party of the app brings together all the tribes of woofers to dance to the music of Brutus DJs

SCRUFF presents “Sock Suckers,” an original behind-the-scenes comedy series from a porn studio

Streaming on SCRUFF's YouTube channel, the first seven episodes of "Sock Suckers" are now available
SCRUFF dá dicas de segurança para marcar encontro via app

SCRUFF gives safety tips to make an appointment via the app

More than 20 million gay and bisexual men worldwide use the SCRUFF app to make friends and arrange dates

SCRUFF creates profile verification and enables free video calling function

The new SCRUFF function guarantees the application's users that the person with whom the message is actually exchanged is the one who appears on the profile
Personalidades trans são homenageadas pelo app SCRUFF

Trans personalities are honored by the SCRUFF app

In this Trans Visibility Month, the SCRUFF app highlighted some people who are protagonists in the fight for the rights of the trans community
"SCRUFF RED" será a primeira festa oficial do app no Brasil

“SCRUFF RED” will be the app’s first official party in Brazil

The party will take place this Friday (18th) at Galeria Café in São Paulo; the event will grant a discount on the ticket price to SCRUFF PRO subscriber users
SCRUFF se une a parceiros para desmistificação, prevenção, testagem e esclarecimento sobre HIV

SCRUFF joins partners to demystify, test and clarify HIV

For "Red December", the SCRUFF app connects to the Barong Cultural Institute, AIDS Health Foundatin, UNAIDS and the LGBTI+ Public Policy Coordination of the city of São Paulo
SCRUFF patrocina e cria campanha para Festival MixBrasil de Cultura da Diversidade

SCRUFF sponsors and creates a campaign for the MixBrasil Festival of Culture of Diversity

In addition to alerts encouraging users to watch the programming, SCRUFF produced videos to be shown before gay-themed films
Gays no SCRUFF tendem a ser mais gentis e julgam menos, segundo Men's Health

Gays on SCRUFF tend to be kinder and less judgmental, according to Men’s Health

For Men's Health editors, SCRUFF app gays and bisexuals tend to be kinder and less judgmental people when compared to users of other apps
Línea 9 - Reprodução

SCRUFF Hispanic-American LGBT+ Film Festival becomes available for Brazil

The films from the "Pequeños Woofs" show can be watched for free through the SCRUFF app in the "Explore" tab

Award-winning film “Bonde” features three black LGBTs people from Heliópolis

The short film "Bonde" is part of the “Curta Woofs” exhibition, which can be accessed for free through the SCRUFF app
"Depois Daquela Festa"

Son discovering his father’s homosexuality is the theme of the short film “After That...

The films of the "Curta Woofs" show, which can be accessed for free from the SCRUFF app, will be available until March 25
Tensão e atração com entregador de comida é tema do curta gay "Beat 97"

Tension and attraction with food delivery is the theme of the gay short “Beat...

Álvaro has been quarantined for 97 days without leaving home and uses delivery apps for everything he needs

Reports of anxiety and fear in gay men during the pandemic is the theme...

The Recife short film is available for free at the "Curta Woofs" exhibition, until the 25th, on the SCRUFF app
Fabricio Licursi o presente

Meeting scheduled in the app during lunch is the plot of the movie “The...

The Brazilian short film "The gift", from 2019, is in the exhibition "Curta Woofs", made by the SCRUFF application
Curta recifense "Reforma" aborda questões do corpo não padrão; assista

Short film from Recife “Remodeling” addresses issues of the non-standard body; watch

The film, which can be accessed for free through the SCRUFF app in the "Events" section of the "Explore" tab, will be available until March 25
Sem internet, vizinhos gays acabam se encontrando pessoalmente; assista ao curta "Desconexo"

Without internet, gay neighbors end up meeting in person; watch the short film “Disjointed”

The Brazilian short film, which features the protagonist of the actor Júlio Oliveira, is in the exhibition "Curta Woofs" promoted by the SCRUFF application
Oito curtas-metragens brasileiros com temática gay estarão disponíveis gratuitamente entre os dias 05 e 25 de março no app SCRUFF

8 Brazilian films with a LGBT+ theme are for free at SCRUFF

Curated by André Fischer, founder of the MixBrasil Festival and responsible for the Diversity Cultural Center, the themes explored in the works mix sexuality, aesthetic languages and groups
Erom Cordeiro faz nu frontal em "Alano", filme que está disponível no SCRUFF

Erom Cordeiro does a frontal nude in “Alano”, a film that is available at...

In the short film, which is in the “Curta Woofs” exhibition, Erom Cordeiro plays a male prostitute
Erom Cordeiro interpreta um garoto de programa em "Alano" - Divulgação

SCRUFF presents free exhibition of LGBT+ Brazilian shorts fils | “Curta Woofs”

Eight Brazilian short films with a gay thematic will be available for free between the March 5th and 25th on the SCRUFF app
Playlist no Spotify só com músicas para fazer lipsync | SCRUFF Brasil

Spotify playlist with only songs to make lipsync | SCRUFF Brazil

In total, there are 92 tracks that, without repetition, can animate the life of an LGBT+ for 5 hours and 53 minutes
Como tirar barulho de notificação do SCRUFF no iPhone e no Android

How to Remove SCRUFF Notification Sound on iPhone and Android

For those who are ~secrecy~ fans or those who are working and don't want to get distracted when listening to the app notification, here's a step by step
Da militância ao fervo, Dona SCRUFF dispara: "Ninguém sai ileso aos meus conselhos"

From militancy to revelry, Dona SCRUFF shoots:”Nobody leaves my advice unscathed”.

Veteran drag queen Dona SCRUFF arrives with the promise of putting the whole mess in order - or messing up even more.
DJs Alex Ramos e Tom Stephan animam festa global virtual do SCRUFF; evento acontece neste dia 1º

DJs Alex Ramos and Tom Stephan cheer up SCRUFF’s global virtual party; event takes...

The "House @ Home" event starts at 19h (Brasília time)
bezerro passivo na chuva

Relationship app sympathizes with bottom that was abandoned in the rain

SCRUFF has issued a warning to raise awareness among gays about hospitality labels
SCRUFF Brasil lança playlist natalina "bem viada"

SCRUFF Brazil launches Christmas playlist “super gay”

"Your family will love it (or get scared, if you pay attention - but who cares?) ", says the description of the playlist, which features 40 songs
the prom scruff

Ryan Murphy’s new movie mentions SCRUFF’s popularity

"The Prom" was added to Netflix's catalogue last Friday

Action with the hashtag #PocsNoScruff ranked first on Twitter on Sunday, 22

Activation, which traditionally takes place one Sunday a month, motivates body positivity through sharing selfies

5 reasons to download SCRUFF (in addition to the PRO version for free in...

All Scruff PRO functions are free for Brazilian non-subscribers. You don't even have to enter your credit card number.
Vote LGBTQ+: Renan Quinalha convida Bruna Benevides para falar sobre trans na política

Vote LGBTQ+: Renan Quinalha invites Bruna Benevides to talk about trans representativeness in politics

The live will take place next Thursday, November 5th, at 19h, on Instagram @gayblogbr