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In addition to “Alano”, “Disjointed”, “Remodeling”, “The gift” and “Beat 97”, another Brazilian short film that stands out in the “Curta Woofs” show, made by the SCRUFF app, is “After That Party” , directed by Caio Scot.

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Lucas Drummond in “After That Party” – Divulgation

In the plot, Léo (Lucas Drummond) never imagined that he would see his father (Charles Fricks) kissing another man in the middle of a party. With the help of his best friend, he needs to find the best way to tell his father that he has discovered his secret. The short seeks to reflect, through the difficulty of a father in assuming his homosexuality, on issues such as prejudice and acceptance, extolling love and diversity.

Charles Fricks in “After that party” – Divulgation

The films of the “Curta Woofs” exhibition, which can be accessed for free through the “Events” section, in the “Explore” tab of the SCRUFF app, are curated by André Fischer (Festival MixBrazil) and will be available until March 25th. SCRUFF is available on the App Store and Google Play.


“AFTER THAT PARTY” (2018) Brazil – 15 ′
Until March 25, 2021
In the SCRUFF app (In “Events” in the “Explore” tab)
To download SCRUFF, just click here

Elenco / Cast: Lucas Drummond, Mel Carvalho, Charles Fricks, Alcemar Vieira
Roteiro/Screenplay: Lucas Drummond, Mel Carvalho
Fotografia/Cinematography: João Paulo Casalino
Montagem/Editing: Lucas Drummond, Caio Scot, Diana Vasconcellos
Som/Sound: Tiago Picado
Produção/Production: Deborah Zapata

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