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Until March 25th, the SCRUFF app will hold its first cinematic exhibition for free within its platform. Entitled Curta Woofs”, the novelty features eight Brazilian productions with a LGBT+ theme and is curated by André Fischer, founder of the MixBrazil Festival and responsible for the Cultural Center for Diversity. The films can be accessed through the “Events” section in the “Explore” tab of the SCRUFF app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play.

One of the highlights of the festival is the short film by Lui Avallos, “Disjointed” (2019). With the participation of actor Júlio Oliveira, the plot takes place in a country that, after a presidential decree, interrupts the internet connection of its territory, which results in the meeting of two neighbors who have an online relationship (one produces autopornography and the other consumes).

“Disjointed” frame
“Disjointed” frame
“Disjointed” frame
“Disjointed” frame


“Disjointed” (2019) Brazil – 25 ′
Until March 25, 2021
In the SCRUFF app (In “Events” in the “Explore” tab)
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Direction, Screenplay and Editing: Lui Avallos
Actors: Lui Avallos and Júlio Oliveira
Production: Rodrigo Moreira
Art Direction: Natalia Myashiro
Director of Photography: Bárbara Bianchi
Sound and Music Editing: Paulo Muniz
Costume design: Arabian Yasmin
Direct sound: Raquel Vieira and Vanessa Silva
Gaffers: Janaína Ribeiro and Zé Bessa
Management Assistance: Zoe Yasmine
Camera assistance: Giuliana Lanzoni and Matheus Igesca

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