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Since 2004, January 29th has been defined as the National Day of Trans Visibility. A day to remember and fight violence, discrimination, misinformation, prejudice and transphobia suffered by one of the most vulnerable social groups in our society, the trans population.

In addition to congratulating the actions of the Trans Visibility Week held by the City of São Paulo, through the Municipal Department of Human Rights and Citizenship (SMDHC), the SCRUFF – the safest and top rated app for gay, bisexual, trans and queer people to connect and the only one founded and managed by LGBTQ people – paid tribute to protagonists in the fight for trans people’s rights.

The people honored are the transgender researcher, artist and author Ian Habib, creator and coordinator of Transgender Museum of History and Art (MUTHA); Alexya Salvador, trans woman, black and peripheral, mother, teacher, preacher and human rights activist; the award-winning actress Glamor Garcia, an active figure in favor of feminism and the rights of the LGBTQIA+ population; Filipe Catto, non-binary trans artist, singer, instrumentalist, songwriter, illustrator and designer; the comic book creator, cartoonist, cartoonist and humorist Laerte; the singer, actor, model and influencer Kaique; the trans writer and youtuber Jonas Maria; and Erica Malunguinho, the first transsexual woman elected as a state deputy by São Paulo.

Meet some of the honorees:

Kaique Theodoro

Kaique Theodoro is a musician, actor and model in his spare time. One of the first trans men to perform on Rio nights, the artist has already sung at São Paulo’s LGBT Pride Parade. One of his biggest references is Pabllo Vittar, a singer he met during the recordings of the program “Amor & Sexo” and, later, had the opportunity to photograph her. See music as much more than entertainment, music has the power to transform people. Among his hits are the songs “Experimenta” and “Dom”.

Glamour Garcia

Glamor Garcia is a Brazilian actress. In her early teens, at age 13, she discovered that she was a transgender woman, which made her face prejudice from an early age. In 2012, he starred in the documentary “Além das Sete Cores”. He has acted in the play “Salomé” and in films such as “O Amor Que Não Ousa Dizer Seu Nome”, “Nome Provisório” and “Horácio”. In 2019, she became nationally known for playing Britney in the soap opera “A Dona do Pedaço”, on Rede Globo, a character that won her the trophy for “Best of the Year” in 2019, being the first trans woman to win the award.

Jonas Maria
Jonas Maria, from Minas Gerais, has a degree in Literature and a postgraduate degree in semiotics. A digital content producer, he lectures on gender issues and various topics that cross the LGBTQIA+ community. He writes reviews, chronicles and short stories, and had his first story published in 2018, by Rico Editora, in the collection #OrgulhodeSer. In 2014, he created the blog DEGENERADO$, where he shared his personal experiences with the use of testosterone as a trans person. The blog has grown into a podcast and YouTube channel today.

Erica Malunguinho

Erica Malunguinho da Silva was born in Recife, is a Brazilian educator, artist, activist and politician. In 2018, she was elected state deputy for São Paulo, being the first transgender woman in the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo. Erica has a master’s degree in aesthetics and art history from the University of São Paulo (USP) and creator of Aparelha Luzia, a space to promote artistic and intellectual productions in the city of São Paulo. Struggles such as confronting historical racism and defending the most vulnerable populations are at the top of her agenda.

Alexya Salvador

Alexya is a trans woman, reverend and transfeminist. At age 18, she founded a homeless shelter which she ran for two years. She studied English and Portuguese literature, education and theology. After graduating, she began working as a public school teacher. She is also vice president of the Brazilian Association of Homotransaffective Families (ABRAFH), and was the first Brazilian transvestite to adopt children – two of her daughters are trans. In addition, she is also the first Latin American trans person in the clergy and the first trans woman to be a pastor in Brazil.

Filipe Catto

A non-binary trans artist, Filipe is a singer, songwriter and instrumentalist. With works focused on MPB, they has shared the stage with artists such as Maria Bethânia, Ney Matogrosso, Daniela Mercury, Maria Gadú, Ana Carolina, Dzi Croquettes, among others. their songs have already been the soundtrack of Globo soap operas, such as “Saga” (Cordel Encantado), “Quem É Você” (Sangue Bom), “Adoração” (Saramandaia) and “Flor da Idade” (Joia Rara). They released his first EP “Saga” in 2009 and since then he has added 3 studio albums and 2 live albums, the most recent “O Nascimento de Vênus Tour”, from 2021.

Ian Habib

An artist and researcher, Ian is studying for a Masters in Dance and investigates Performance, Butô Dance and Gender, with an emphasis on the poetics of bodily transformations and alterations of states of matter. In addition to performance, his studies permeate the fields of anthropology, anti-colonial, ethnic-racial and transgenderism, with a focus on the politics of the body and movement. His artistic and intellectual production seeks to create, explore and ground matter, from a trans perspective, through connections between performance and writing.


Laerte Coutinho is a cartoonist Considered one of the most important artists in the field in Brazil, she participated in publications such as “O Pasquim” and collaborated in the newspapers “Estado de São Paulo” and “Folha de S. Paulo”, in addition to several magazines. Her cartoons in satirical tones embroider subjects relevant to society, militancy and political positions. She has already presented the program “Transando com Laerte”, on Canal Brasil and participated in the short “Vestido de Laerte”, and the feature “Laerte-se”. At the age of 70, she has won more than 30 awards in the field of drawing and screenwriting.

Erika Hilton

Erika Hilton is a councilor for the city of São Paulo, the most voted candidate across the country in the 2020 elections, with more than 50,000 votes. She was the first transvestite woman to hold a seat in the São Paulo City Council and is currently the president of the Human Rights Commission of the São Paulo City Council. Erika fights for equity for the black population, in the fight against LGBTQIA+ discrimination and for the appreciation of young and peripheral cultural initiatives. In 2021, she joined the list of the 100 most influential people of African descent in the world, being the only Brazilian nominated in the “Politics and Government” category.

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