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In addition to “Alano”, “Disjointed”, “Remodeling” and “The gift”, another Brazilian short film that stands out in the “Curta Woofs” show, made by the SCRUFF app, is “Beat 97”, by Washington Calegari.

In the film’s plot, Álvaro was quarantined for 97 days without leaving home and uses delivery apps to order everything he needs. When the delivery man arrives at the building with another meal, an unexpected situation imposes a difficult decision on Álvaro. Based on the character’s flow of consciousness in dealing with his dilemmas and original beatbox compositions, the film explores the difficulties of social isolation and Álvaro’s attempts to occupy his time in a creative way.

Tension and attraction with food delivery is the theme of the gay short
Tension and attraction with food delivery is the theme of the gay short “Beat 97”

The films of the show, which can be accessed for free through the “Events” tab, in the “Explore” tab of the SCRUFF app, will be available until March 25. SCRUFF is available on the App Store and Google Play.


“BEAT 97” (2020) Brazil – 12′
Until March 25, 2021
In the SCRUFF app (In “Events” in the “Explore” tab)
To download SCRUFF, just click here

Cast: Alvaro Costa, João Attuy
Voices: Angela Ribeiro, Ana Lúcia Felippe
Script and Direction: Washington Calegari
Production: Tico Dias, Washington Calegari
Director of Photography and Editing: Tico Dias
Original Soundtrack: Alvaro Costa
Visual identity: Angela Ribeiro
Costume: Binho Cidral
Support: Eplay

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