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After the first edition of the LGBT film show “Curta Woofs“, held in March by SCRUFF only with Brazilian films, the festival now has its version with a focus on Spanish-speaking Latin countries. Curated by Festival CUÓRUM Morelia, eight short films were selected for “Pequeños Woofs” and will also be available in Brazil until June 15th.

The films of the exhibition (without subtitles in Portuguese) can be watched for free through the SCRUFF app in the “Explore” tab. SCRUFF is available on the App Store and Google Play.

line 9 - photo
Línea 9 – Reprodução

Check out the synopsis and trailer for each film:

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“ALBINA” (2017), de Domingo Pablo Ortíz – Mexico – 6′

A car moves slowly and looks for a night person in a tight dress ready to fill the other’s body with pleasure. Who drives this car? Why does he stop in front of her?

“BATERIA” (2016), de Damián Sainz – Cuba – 15′

The ruins of an old military fortress in Havana have become a clandestine venue for gay cruises, as well as a culture of resistance and socialization.

“EN COLOR” (2019), de James Lucas – México – 15′

This is a short musical film that reveals the complicity of a love, the weight of secrets, and also the different stages of passion, as well as the difficult learning of letting go.

“EMILIA” (2019), de Diego Lomelín – México – 14′

Emilia arrives on her friend Ana’s birthday and, while feeling uncomfortable with the guests. Her curiosity will make her discover a secret that this “perfect” family keeps.

“LA DISYUNTIVA” (2017), de Antonio Zucherino – Argentina – 13′

Two men walk along a dirt road, through large weeds and trees. One follows the other: both inspect the place. After a while, they stop in the middle of the foliage.

“LÍNEA 9” (2016), de Tavo Ruiz – México – 16′

In a city where movement is always continuous like subway trips, Andrés and Miguel’s paths cross. Everything seems to indicate that this is the beginning of a new romance, but Andrés doesn’t know which way to go.

“PRIMAVERA” (2018), de Rafael Ruíz Espejo – México – 14′

Fernando is attracted to his best friend. Together, they escape the school to go camping in the woods.

“THARA” (2018), de Paco Ramírez – México-Honduras – 14′

Thara is a trans woman and sex worker who lives in Honduras. Despite prejudice and violence, she risks everything to be herself, even in the face of dangers that lurk in the night.

The films, which can be accessed for free through the “Events” tab in the SCRUFF app, are available for 30 days. SCRUFF is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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