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In addition to “Alano”, “Disjointed”, “Remodeling”, “The gift”, “Beat 97”, “After That Party” and “Air”, another Brazilian short film that stands out in the “Curta Woofs” show, held by the SCRUFF app, it is “Bonde”, directed by Asaph Luccas. The film was elected by the jury as Best Brazilian Short Film at the 27th edition of the MixBrasil Festival and won 2 awards at the Curta Kinoforum Festival (Canal Brazil Short Film and Golden Butterfly Award).

In the plot, the short film presents the story of three residents of Heliópolis, the largest favela in São Paulo, who seek refuge from social discrimination at night in the city center of São Paulo. The characters are young blacks who experience different problems involving racism and LGBT phobia. The story centers on Raí (Eric Oliveira), a gay and fat young man constantly rejected in gay apps; Lua (Alice Marcone), a trans woman who is only seen by fellow students as an object to be studied and Camis (Joyce Brito), a lesbian woman who suffers prejudice from her mother.

“Bonde” – Reproduction
“Bonde” – Divulgation

The films of the “Curta Woofs” show, which can be accessed for free through the “Events” section, in the “Explore” tab of the SCRUFF app, are curated by André Fischer (Festival MixBrazil) and will be available until March 30th. SCRUFF is available on the App Store and Google Play.


“BONDE” (2019) Brazil – 18′
Until March 25, 2021
In the SCRUFF app (In “Events” in the “Explore” tab)
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DIRECTION: Asaph Luccas
CUNTRY: Brazil – São Paulo/SP
YEAR: 2019

Cast: Alice Marcone, Eric Oliveira, Joyce Brito
Screenplay: Leonardo Domingos, Tatiane Ursulino, Asaph Luccas, Gabriel Soares, Oliv Barros, Caroline Santos da Silva, Guilherme Candido, Joyce Santos
Cinematography: Tatiane Ursulino
Editing: Gabriel Soares, Guilherme Candido
Sound: Isadora Torres, Juliana Santana
Production: Leonardo Domingos, Caroline Santos da Silva

SYNOPSIS: Three young blacks from the Heliópolis favela set out to seek refuge in the LGBT+ nightlife of the city center.


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