A barbearia criada com foco no público LGBTQI+ também atende, sem preconceitos, pessoas heterossexuais

After noticing homophobic situations in barbershops, the couple creates “Barbieshop”

The barbershop created with a focus on the LGBTQI+ public also serves, without prejudice, heterosexual people
Bruno Sodré: Da lavanderia de casa para um salão de beleza de alto padrão no Morumbi

Bruno Sodré: from home laundry to a high-end beauty salon in Morumbi

Bruno Sodré is his own story of overcoming: he grew up in Capão Redondo and today he owns a renowned beauty salon that bears his name
Ex-motoboy lança banco digital focado na diversidade

Ex-motoboy releases digital bank focused on diversity

100% digital and VISA flag, the company is released with the proposal to support social causes to combat discrimination
Representatividade de LGBTQIA na publicidade é de apenas 1,3%

LGBTQIA representativity in publicity is only 1,3%

ONU Women and Heads present TODXS, a study that analyzed the role of publicity in the dissemination of prejudice

Digital bank for LGBT consumer is launched in the USA; Brazil already has Pride...

It is estimated that 9 million LGBT+ people in the US exercise about US$ 1 trillion in collective spending power

Only 14% of LGBTQIA+ people feel supported at their workplaces, says study

71% of LGBTQIA+ workers believe that representativeness in the company's leadership is important to their professional development.