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In Joinville, the couple Felipe Alves and Diógenes Machado, both 27 years old, opened the establishment “Barbieshop”, which focuses on being a barbershop that serves the LGBTQIA+ public – but also serves, without prejudice, heterosexual people.

“Our focus is to make people feel welcomed” – says Felipe to the O Município Blumenau channel. “I made it a habit to go to barbershops. But it was getting worse and worse. Barbershops are toxic and homophobic environments. As a gay man, I felt a huge difference in the way that the barber treated me when he realized that I was gay” – he continued, adding that he started to keep a big beard and that his friends, also gay, went through similar embarrassing situations.


Felipe, who works as a makeup artist, said he also didn’t feel very comfortable working with traditional beauty salons. In May 2020, he and his boyfriend, who is a system analyst, started talking about business and both had the idea of opening an LGBTQI+ barbershop, which appeared on July 11, 2020.

“It was all done by ourselves, hiring only the electrician” – explains Felipe.

Diógenes and Felipe
Diógenes and Felipe – Reproduction

The Barbieshop audience is varied, including women who say they are not served at other barbershops. “There are a lot of heterosexual couples who come here. While the woman cuts her hair, the man shaves”, he exemplifies.

The place went viral on Twitter recently when a user shared the image, yielding 94,000 likes, 6,000 shares and 900 comments.

“I am loving it a lot. Both for seeing people appreciate and for influencing professionals in the field. And it also shows us how important our work has been to our community”.

Barbieshop – Reproduction/Instagram


In September 2020, the couple went through an awkward situation in the condominium where they lived because they were walking holding hands. At the time, he received a note from a neighbor asking for “respect”. The makeup artist manifested himself in the condominium group and received messages of support from the neighbors, but he never found out who sent the note, but for him, this reinforces the importance of the Barbieshop even more.

The Barbieshop is located at Rua Videira, 23, in the Iririú neighborhood, in Joinville, Santa Catarina. On Instagram and Twitter he is under the user @barbiearia_jlle.

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