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Check out some SCRUFF tips to preserve your safety and fun:

1) Use the security tools that SCRUFF offers such as: profile verification and video call;

2) SCRUFF also offers the possibility to show your social networks on your profile. It’s worth taking a look at the crush’s profile;

3) If the profile does not have a photo, ask to share it with you and/or request a video call;

4) Always check the identity of your contact;

5) Prefer that your first date is in a safe place;

6) If you feel safer, let a friend know and share your location in real time at the time of the meeting;

7) Keep in mind that the first date is not the time to use substances that make you lose control of reality;

8) At the time of the date, make sure that it is really the person you exchanged messages with. Otherwise: go away.

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