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Judge Marcelo Nobre de Almeida, of the 7th Rio de Janeiro Civil Court, denied a lawsuit filed by Jair Bolsonaro against Father Julio Lancellotti for moral damages. The process was motivated by a 2017 video in which the religious leader defended women’s rights, criticized machismo and repudiated homophobia. Regarding Bolsonaro, still a candidate at the time, the priest said he was outraged at how he could gather so many followers with his homophobic and violent positions, classifying the fact as “shameful”.

In the decision, that the GAY BLOG BR had access, the judge argues that Bolsonaro is “a public person who stands out precisely for the issue of opinions and the adoption of very incisive and particular positions in relation to the concrete themes that were the subject of the defendant’s speech: women’s issues and issues of the LGBT universe “.

The magistrate also considers that the priest’s speech was not an insult or offense to Bolsonaro: “What is verified is that there was an attempt to defend more vehemently the other themes that were the object of the preaching and that are diametrically opposed to what is used as a flag by the plaintiff. As a result, the defendant’s practice of illicit conduct does not exist, ruling out the possibility of his civil liability. “

Finally, the judge pointed out the absence of any crime and ordered Bolsonaro to pay the costs and fees of the process.

“No one can think that homophobia comes from God”

The priest was already on the GAY BLOG BR news this year. In a video published on his Instagram in July,Júlio Lancellotti, from the São Miguel Arcanjo Church, located in the Mooca neighborhood, in São Paulo, asked LGBTQIA+ people to forgive him. Especially young Michel Glaudemberg, who reported being humiliated in his local church for coming out as gay.

“I wanted to send a message to a young man, called Michel Glaudemberg. For you, Michel, I wanted to apologize, if the priest in your town humiliated you when you revealed your sexual condition. Forgiveness. Sorry, Michel. No one should be humiliated. Forgiveness, for trans women, for the LGBTQIA group. Forgiveness. I have received many messages from people who are expelled from the churches for assuming their sexual condition. No one can think that homophobia comes from God. No one can think that LGBTphobia comes from God. It’s a sin. And attention, priests and pastors who humiliate LGBTs people, this is a crime ”, continued.

Watch the video:

This article is also available in: Português Español

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