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Based on state law 10.948 / 01, which punishes discrimination of sexual orientation and gender identity, On Thursday (04), two complaints were made official by the Coordination of Policies for Sexual Diversity, an organ linked to the São Paulo State Secretariat for Justice and Citizenship. The targets of punitive administrative proceedings are ex-deputy, revoked and imprisoned, Roberto Jefferson and the current Minister of Education, Pastor Milton Ribeiro.

Jefferson was denounced after granting an interview to the Bolsonarist channel “Questione-se”. At the time, he said: “There are two ministers there who have these tastes. There are two ministers who are ‘girls’. It has ministers with a tail stuck hairstyle and two with a loose tail hairstyle , known. One is (sic) Carmen Miranda, and the other is Lulu velvet mouth. They want to make a gender agenda, because they haven’t found theirs yet “.

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Pastor Milton is a video character using the pulpit as a platform for hatred against the LGBTQIA+ community. In an interview with the newspaper Estadão, he said that the homosexuality of young people is due to “maladjusted families”. Ribeiro also said that he believes that “the teenagers who most times choose to walk the path of homosexualism (sic) only do it because they don’t have neither their father’s nor their mother’s attention”.

For Marcelo Gallego, Coordinator of Policies for Sexual Diversity in the State of São Paulo, we have reached a moment when issuing a “disapproval note” is not enough: “Public repudiation does not always educate the offender. In this case, the Coordination of Policies for Sexual Diversity, an organ linked to the Secretariat of Justice and Citizenship, […] Current management works to strengthen existing public policies and create new ones. There is no room for prejudice. We are the State of ReSPect ”.

Minister of Education and Roberto Jefferson are sued for homophobia by the Justice of SP


It is worth saying that the São Paulo State Department of Justice and Citizenship also made official two complaints against the journalist Leandro Narloch based on the already mentioned state law of São Paulo 10.948 / 01 and also 11.199 / 02, which punishes discrimination against people living with HIV or AIDS.

The journalist made a homophobic and serophobic comment during the CNN broadcast, where he worked, which caused his dismissal two days later. The initiation of this punitive administrative proceeding may have the penalty of warning and fines starting at R$ 27,000, the amount of which may be increased up to ten times.

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