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The US Supreme Court upheld valid, on Monday (7) public schools policy of Oregon State that allows transgender students use toilets and changing rooms according to the gender with which they identify, reports AFP.

The court, which has six conservative judges out of a total of nine magistrates, did not explain why it rejected the appeal of a group of parents who filed the lawsuit in 2017, calling for the policy to be invalidated. According to parents, inclusive bathrooms violate their rights to “direct their children’s education”, as well as the right to “bodily privacy” and religious freedom.

The judges upheld the decision of lower courts that also rejected the case in order to “avoid discrimination and ensure the safety and well-being of transgender students”.


In 2016, then President Barack Obama issued a directive calling on the public education system to allow students to use bathrooms and changing rooms compatible with their gender identities.

When Donald Trump came to power, however, the federal government withdrew that guidance and left the decision to the district and state courts.

Thus, more conservative states have passed laws that require students to use toilets according to their biological gender, while others have continued to follow Obama’s directive.

“The Supreme Court reaffirms that transgender youth are not a threat to other students”, said the lawyer Chase Strangio, deputy director of justice for transgender people in the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). “We will continue to fight in the courts, in legislatures and in our families and communities to ensure that all trans people feel safe and belonging.”

“This [petição] was a mess, but there will be more. States are preparing to pass even more dangerous laws for transgender people “, added Strangio, on Twitter.

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