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“Who are we under the skin? What defines us as a person? If one day your son told you he wanted to change sex, would you still love him as much as before?” These are the questions that permeate the Swiss documentary”Under the Skin”, which premiered in the second edition of theFuturos Presentes Exhibition: European Cinemas, at Sesc Digital.

“Under the Skin”, by Robin Harsch (Photo: Reproduction)

The documentary, which will be available until March 23, is from 2019 and is directed by Robin Harsch. “Under the Skin” tells the story of three teenagers in transition in Le Refuge, a shelter for LGBTQIA+ youth in Geneva,Switzerland. In addition to the search for identity, the film also addresses relationships with families and proposes to talk about love and humanity.

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Robin Harsch’s documentary has already participated in more than 10 festivals around the world, passing through countries such as Germany, Belgium, China, France and Uruguay. Harsch has directed several short films, both fiction and documentaries, for TV and cinema. He also acted as an actor in a feature film and made his first fiction feature, BICEPS, in 2018.

“Under the Skin”, by Robin Harsch (Photo: Reproduction)

Futuros Presentes Exhibition: European Cinemas

“Under the Skin” is one of the films that integrates the special program of “Futuros Presentes Exhibition: European Cinemas”, which runs until March 30th. The initiative is a partnership between Sesc São Paulo and the Eunic (European Union National Institutes for Culture).

Among the productions shown at the show are works from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, which reflect on relevant issues of the contemporary global debate and discuss possible futures.

Eunic São Paulo brings together the French Alliance, British Council, Belgian Consulate and Wallonie-Bruxelles International, French Consulate General, Swiss Consulate General, Cultural Institute of Denmark, Italian Institute of Culture and Goethe-Institut.

“Under the Skin”, by Robin Harsch (Photo: Reproduction)


Mostra Futuros Exhibition: European Cinemas
Film: “Under the Skin” (2019)
When: March 17th to March 23rd
Where to watch: on the Sesc Digital website

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