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Antony Hamilton was born in England, in the year of 1952, and became an orphan when he was two weeks old. He was adopted by a couple with good financial conditions and shortly after moved to a farm in the south of Australia.

When Hamilton was ten years old, he started dance and ballet classes, and when he was fifteen years old, he earned a scholarship at the Australian Ballet School, starting his career as a professional dancer and doing presentations in many Europe and Soviet Union countries.


In 1973, he became a model after being discovered by a Russian photographer. At the time, he appeared in many well respected magazines such as Vogue and GQ, besides being the face of campaigns for Versace and Bill Blass. Besides it not being his artistic ambition, he declared years later that it was a way to know the world and also have financial independence.

The beginning of the 80s would mark the transition from being a model to his actor career and one of his first roles was in the 1984 movie “Samson and Delilah”. In the following year, he scored the main role in the CBS police show “Cover Up”, drawing sighs from the public for his beauty and physical shape.


Hamilton’s greatest chance as an actor arrived when he was considered for replacing Roger Moore in the role of James Bond, in mid 80s. However, the producer Albert Broccoli was strongly against the casting of the actor because he was gay in real life, arguing that the secret agent would become too “effeminate”. Therefore, the role was landed by Timothy Dalton, criticized by experts for portraying the character as being “too serious” and consequently mischaracterizing him.


Antony Hamilton was an AIDS victim, dying at 42 years old, in 1995, in Los Angeles. His body was cremated and the ashes were scattered over Malibu’s coast.

Nowadays, it is possible to have a good and “normal” life with HIV. However, to make it possible, the virus presence in the blood needs to be diagnosed at the earliest opportunity. Thus, it is recommended that the HIV exam should be done each three months, for example. If tested positive for HIV, SUS (Healthcare Unique System), a Brazilian health system, will provide free medication and, in a few months, the viral load should be reduced to undetectable levels.

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