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In the 90s, publications aimed for gays appeared on a considerable scale in newsstands throughout Brazil, even in cities far from large urban centers. The most successful in the segment, with a focus on the male nude, was published by Ana Fadigas.

Just out of the publishing house Abril, Fadigas joined with presenter Otávio Mesquita and Ângelo Rossi to buy the Sexy magazine, which specializes in female nude.. However, Fadigas has always been interested in launching a magazine aimed at the gay public.

In April 1997, the project finally got off the ground and about 55 thousand copies of Bananaloca arrived at the newsstands in the country, a monthly publication created by the trio that brought photographic essays with models in the front nude, often with an erect penis.


In the first editions, the magazine featured on the covers the actor Anderson Di Rizzi (under the name Dânder), DJ Mauro Borges, Maurício Gimenes (former member of the show “Noite dos Leopardos”), Leandro Seguro (model from “Banheira do Gugu” at Domingo Legal) and Régis Molina. After five editions, the magazine was renamed G Magazine, since the name “Bananaloca” had already been registered commercially by others.


With the first edition in October 1997, G Magazine was launched with only Ana Fadigas as founder. By a new name, the magazine underwent a restructuring of content, creating editorials that brought news, reports, lifestyle, fashion, chronicles, behavior, health and other subjects from the perspective of the gay universe – in addition to the nude photo shoots (of course). With the new content structure, the magazine was a strong ally in the fight for the LGBT cause, empowering the community through articles that help to combat prejudice. There was an Internet version of the magazine, “G Online”, which provides the “making of” of photo shoot in video format

Also monthly, the magazine initially found it difficult to find advertisers, with most of the ad quota filled by saunas, nightclubs and services aimed at the gay public, such as the extinct Gay Travel Brasil (travel agency that ended its activities in 2012).

With a circulation of around 20 thousand copies, Fadigas saw sales grow to more than 60 thousand when he started to publish the nudity of celebrities such as Mateus Carrieri, Nico Puig, Alexandre Frota, Latino, Túlio Maravilha, Victor Wagner, Vampeta, Rubens Caribé, Théo Becker, Kléber Bambam and popular television figures – in general, manly, straight men (mostly) and with defined bodies.

G Magazine went on to circulate for more than fifteen years and, according to the IVC (Circulation Verification Institute), it went on to sell 180.000 copies per month, which represents more than half of Playboy’s average circulation at the time, which was 240,000 copies. The publication went into crisis in 2008, when it was sold to another company, having its last edition in June 2013.

Photo: Gabriel Lucas

The actor Nico Puig, during the elaboration of this article, recalled the rehearsal done for the magazine in the August 1999 edition and told a little more of his experience:

“It was gratifying. Being part of and endorsing an artistic freedom, which represented a social movement of visibility, the gay community made me belong to a cause that I am part of and proud of. At the time, they had adverse reactions, but my truth was implicit and recorded. Today, after 20 years, I see how necessary it was, both for me and for countless others who tried to understand each other, make themselves present and embrace differences”, said the actor.

Reproduction: Klaus Hee

For the model, actor and former member of the Dominó group. Klaus Hee, the two times he posed nude (2004 and 2006) were challenging experiences:

“Being cover of G Magazine was an extra challenge. As I was always a model in the fashion era, photography was never the problem, but having an almost perfect body to be able to concentrate when showing the instrument. It was a time when TVs valued those who were on the cover, as I had already left Dominó in 2004, I felt free to negotiate. Was it worth it? Yeah, it worth it. Glamor, payment and media acceptance, but on the other hand, the Internet has ruined everything, it is ridiculous for a work to appear anywhere in the world without the image rights. So, the balance was not so positive because of that, but I am proud of the photos I took, I still saw them today. I have 430 photos of the two essays, two more magazines can be created ”, he told GAY BLOG BR.

About Bananaloca magazine, the publication became a collector’s article. Even in popular marketplaces, such as Mercado Livre, there are no items available for purchase.

Some editions of G Magazine – Reproduction

The trajectory of gay publications in Brazil

Between 1981 and 1995, the gay public only had pornographic magazines with explicit sex scenes available; no publications that also addressed themes of behavior, militancy, culture, etc. This only happened in the mid-90s (1995), when Sui generis magazine appeared in the editorial market, which focused on articles and reports with editorials that valued gay identity. The renowned style that Sui Generis invested did not last long. With sales below expectations, the magazine went out of circulation almost five years after its arrival on the market.


Still in the 90s, OK magazine appeared, having a light passage through the market with a proposal dedicated to culture, arts and fashion, as well as tips from bars, nightclubs and similar places in São Paulo.

It is a fact that, in the beginning, several magazines unlocked to the gay community (at that time the acronym GLS was popular, although the public was G) emerged, even newspapers even flirted with the gay public. Produced in Rio de Janeiro, the newspaper Nós aimed to provide information about AIDS, but like magazines, it did not had a long life, it only lasted from 1991 to 1995.


The popularization of the Internet in Brazil may have contributed to the short life of these publications. The last one active was G Magazine, which went out of circulation in June 2013 after 176 editions, leaving the market without an equivalent product. All of these publications left an important legacy for the country: they strongly contributed and brought social visibility to the gay community in the 1990s and “pop the bubble” by reaching popularity outside the LGBT community as well.


001 Anderson Di Rizzi (Dânder) May Actor / Model
002 Mauro Borges June DJ
003 Mauricio Gimenes July Actor / Model
004 Leandro Seguro August Model / Domingo Legal Cast
005 Régis Molina September Model
G Magazine
001 Vítor Xavier October Model / Programa Raul Gil Participant
002 Alex Rivera November Actor / Dancer / Choreographer
003 Marcelo Santos December Go-Go Boy

004 Bismark Corrêa January Model / Stripper
005 Marcos Oliver February Porn actor / A Fazenda Season 6 Participant
006 Hudson & Hira March Carrapicho’s Dancers
007 Lucas Palhares April Go-Go Boy
008 Mauro Borges May DJ
009 Tom June Companhia do Pagode Show Dancer
010 Sandro Zanata July Samurai / Stripper
011 Mateus Carrieri August Actor / Casa dos Artistas Participant
012 Gilson Machado September Actor / Comedian in A Praça é Nossa show
013 David Cardoso Jr. October Actor
014 Alex Sanches November Gera Samba Dancer
015 Sexy Power Man: Bruno de Angelis, Ivan Olivieri, Julio Mari, Lucas Palhares and Sandro Zanata December Go-Go Boys

016 Vampeta January Soccer player of the Corinthians until then
017 Dinei February
018 Victor Wagner March Actor
019 David Cardoso April
020 You Can Dance May Planeta Xuxa Dancers
021 Rodrigo Phavanello June Actor/ Member of the boy band Dominó
022 Márcio Duarte July Singer / Singer Vavá twin brother
023 Nico Puig August Actor
024 Roger Moreira Setembro Cantor da banda Ultraje a Rigor / Integrante do programa The Noite
025 Roger Noronha October Goleiro do São Paulo e empréstimo do Vitória
026 Oswaldo Lot November Actor / “Concurso Tiozinho” Participant from Programa H
027 Beto Vasconcellos December Model / Carioca Funk Singer

028 Robson Caetano January Athletics athlete and A Fazenda Season 7 Participant
029 Alexander Lenzi February Jet Ski Athlete
030 Rubens Caribé March Actor
031 Flávio Maciel April Model / O+ and Superpositivo show member
032 Créo Kellab May Actor
033 Marcelo Picchi June
034 Latino July Singer
035 Esnar Ribeiro August Sports commentator / Presenter of the Geração Country show
036 Mateus Carrieri September Actor / Casa dos Artistas Participant
037 Márcio Aguiar October Carla Perez’s Dancer
038 Ricardo Feitoza November Model
039 Warren Cuccurullo December American guitarist from the band Duran Duran

040 Thiago Toqueton January No Limite Season 1 Participant
041 Wander Rodrigues February Photographer
042 Rodrigo Phavanello March Actor / Member of the boy band Dominó
043 Fabinho April Os Travessos Singer
044 Reinaldo May Terra Samba Singer
045 Henrique Alba June Model / Swimmer / Actor Juan Alba brother
046 Luís Barra July Karate fighter
047 Rafael Vanucci August Singer / Vanusa’s son / Casa dos Artistas Season 2 Winner
048 Felipe & Fernando September Twin Models
049 Alexandre Frota October Actor / Casa dos Artistas Participant
050 Théo Becker November Actor / Planeta Xuxa Show Member / A Fazenda Season 1 Participant
051 Wilson Ribeiro December Model / Member of Noite Afora show

052 Tadeu Fracari January Model
053 Marcelo de Paula February Former Johnson & Johnson poster boy in 1969
054 Conraddo March Singer / Actor / Power Couple and A Fazenda Participant
055 Renato Vianna April Planeta Xuxa show member
056 Enrico May Twister Singer
057 Marcus Deminco June Trio elétrico dancer for Margareth Menezes / Personal trainer
058 Bruno Carvalho July Soccer player of the Flamengo until then
059 Miguel Kelner August Actor
060 Rogério Rolim September Model
061 Júlio Escaleira October
062 Cláudio Farias November Ex-fiance of singer Gretchen
063 Thales Fracari December Model Tadeu Fracari’s brother (Edition 052)

064 Alexandre Frota January Actor / Casa dos Artistas Participant
065 Márcio Aguiar February Carla Perez Dancer
066 Caio Cortez March Model / Physical education teacher
067 Marco Mastronelli April Actor / Model / Casa dos Artistas Participant
068 Caetano Zonaro May Big Brother Brazil Season 1 Participant
069 Rafael Gonzalez June Acorrentados Participant
070 Julian Righetto July O Conquistador do Fim do Mundo Participant
071 Willians Alexandre August Actor of TV show Turma do Gueto
072 Rafael Alencar September Porn Actor
073 Marcelo Mathias October Casa dos Artistas Participant
074 Aldo Freitas November Garoto Fitness 2003
075 Túlio Maravilha December Soccer player of the Tupy until then / Power Couple Participant

076 Klaus Hee January Passa ou Repassa Cast / Dominó Vocalist
077 Fábio Meirelles February No Limite Season 3 Participant
078 Marcelo Jakybales March “Bamboo Man” in Pânico na TV show
079 Robinson Rodrigues April Baseball player
080 Rogério Dragone May Big Brother Brazil Season 4 Participant
081 Alan Nigga June Big Brother Brazil Season 3 Participant
082 Leandro Marinho July Model / Casa dos Artistas Participant
083 Dimas Caetano August Garoto Fitness 2004
084 Alexandre Frota September Actor / Casa dos Artistas Participant
085 Mateus and Kaíke Carrieri October Father (Actor / Casa dos Artistas Participant) and son (Model)
086 Evandro Silveira November Ex-civil police officer from GOE, São Paulo
087 Marco Baby December Radio Broadcaster

088 Thiago Lira January Big Brother Brazil Season 4 Participant
089 Alexandre Gaúcho February Soccer player of the Amazonas until then
090 Walther Verve March Actor / Poet
091 Júlio Capeletti April Model
092 Alê Mañas May Casa dos Artistas Participant
093 Alecsandro Massafera June Grazi Massafera brother
094 Daniboy July Carioca Funk Singer
095 Fabiano Borges August Goalkeeper
096 Victor Wagner September Actor
097 Bruno Corner October Mensalão Muse
098 André Rocha November Model / DJ
099 Edílson Buba December Big Brother Brazil Season 4 Participant

100 Alexandre Frota and Mateus Carrieri January Actors
101 Leandro Becker February DJ
102 Diogo Paris March Scheila Carvalho’s nephew / Ex-soccer player / Model
103 Ricardo Villani April Model
104 Gustavo Russi May Tchakabum Show Dancer
105 Carlão June Big Brother Brazil Season 6 Participant
106 Rogério Miranda July Model
107 Gustavo Moraes August Ex-paquito (“Romântico”) / A Fazenda Season 5 Participant
108 Dandan September Big Brother Brazil Season 6 Participant
109 Bruno Canaan October Model / Reality show Jogo da Sedução winner
110 Eric Lobão November Ex-flight attendant from Varig
111 Klaus Hee December Member of Passa ou Repassa show / Member of Dominó

112 Kléber Bambam January Big Brother Brazil Season 1 Champion / Big Brother Brazil Season 13 Participant
113 Iran Gomes February Big Brother Brazil Season 6 Participant
114 Bira & Caio March “Motoboy Top Model” winners
115 David Cardoso Jr April Actor
116 Rodrigo Carvalho May Model / Big Brother Brazil Season 11 Participant
117 Triple Twins Spezze especial: Emilio, Leandro and Ricardo June Electro technicians
118 Matheus Ohana July Paparazzo Photographer
119 Coy Cosendey August Stuntman
120 Rafael Córdova September Goalkeeper
121 Filipe Iecker October Model
122 Alexandre Albertoni November Member of the boy band Dominó / Model
123 Wagner Limeira December Soccer player

124 Lucas Pugliessa January Model look-alike of soccer player Kaká
125 Claudio Andrade February Actor
126 Daniel Coelho March Model
127 André Morais April Porn Actor
128 Donato Spigariol May Go-Go Boy
129 Dan Smith June Model
130 Raphael Silva July
131 Gustavo Moretto August Body Painting Model
132 Ismael Furtado and Rodrigo Carvalho September Models
133 Maicon Araújo October Mister Gay Floripa 2008
134 Richardson Ferreira November Actor from Zorra Total show
135 Sticky & Sweet Tour especial: Kayo Felipe, Márcio Blade, Ricardo Stundenroth and Vinícius de Oliveira December Models (Vinícius was Mister Rio Grande do Sul 2008)

136 Felipe Sacilotti January Model
137 Raga Junior February
138 Samuel Finkler March
139 Ricardo Villani April
140 Tony Salles May Parangolé Vocalist
141 Bruno Canaan June Model / Reality show Jogo da Sedução winner
142 Rafael Caumo July Model
143 Dorian, Reginaldo and Dennis August Calcinha Preta’s Dancers
144 Fernando Balcevicz September Model
145 Anderson Soares October Mister Gay Rio de Janeiro 2009
146 Marcos Seya November Go Go Boy / “Piscina Maluca” Participant from Domingo Legal
147 Adriano Morais December Model / Go-Go Boy

148 Kayo Felipe January
149 Super heroes especial: Igor Chafim, Marcelo Brandão e Steve Rogers March Go-Go boys
150 Dicesar “Jimmy Kieer” especial: Diego and Dirceu Duarte May Twin Models
151 Sérginho Orgastic especial: Paulo Henrique, Carlos Branco, Marcelo Medina and Niccolas de Lucca June Models
152 Marcelo Racanely September Charm Boy from Programa Silvio Santos
153 Lucas Barreto October Reality Show Fazenda de Verão Participant / Model
154 Rafael Cardoso November Model (“Puss in Boots” from Eliana show) / Garoto Fitness São Paulo 2010
155 Thiago Queiroz December Model

156 Bruno de Cursino January
157 Rodrigo Carvalho February Model / Big Brother Brazil Season 11 Participant
158 André Vidal April Model
159 Alan Esteves May Model / Go-Go Boy
161Pleasure Trilogy: Eduardo Correa, Everton Gaeta and Marlon Sales July Go-Go Boys
160 Evandro Belucco August Model / Garoto Fitness Santos 2011
162 Junior Moreno September Fitness Model 2011
163 Maik Martins October Go-Go Boy
164 Thiago Zanini November
165 Kaue Castro December Model

166 Niccolas de Lucca February Model
167 Matheus Mazzafera March Designer
168 The Week especial: Diego Veiga, Lukas Rodrigues, Marlon Santana and Peter Petry April Models
169 Lukas Rodrigues June Model
170 Haus of Gogo: Vinícius Guervich, Paulo Fragoso, Fábio Dias, Patrick Miller and Kaká Rocha July Go-Go Boys
171 Michael dos Santos September Athlete
172 Bruno Camargo November First Nacional Strippers Contest Winner
173 Den Wok December Russian Model

174 Rodrigo Mendonça February Mister Santa Catarina 2012
175 Stephane Haffner April (Gymnast / Model)
176 Sergey Henir June Model

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