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The 29th of January, when the Trans Visibility Day is celebrated, will be marked by several activities in Salvador, such as lectures, meetings, actions and a special gift for trans young people in a situation of vulnerability, who will win a republic, created by Conceição Macedo Charity Institution (IBCM). The site, in principle, will welcome five young people and will have all the structure to receive them and guide them to continue their studies and referrals to the job market.

The referral and follow-up will be carried out by the technical team of the Center for the Promotion and Defense of LGBT Rights in Bahia (CPDD-LGBT), which will carry out the entire screening process to shelter and accompany those welcomed, who will be trained for the labor market, and inclusion in the regular school system. In addition to the reception, the team will regulate the documentation to guarantee the social name.

For Priest Alfredo Dorea, responsible for IBCM, this space will be essential to meet a demand that is not small in Salvador, which needs a larger space to serve transsexuals and transvestites who are put out of the home by the family, in addition to the lack of opportunity in the market of work.

“This is an act of love and necessary, as it is very harmful to know that our trans youth experience violence within their homes, and in many cases, abandonment. It is an ant job, little by little we are creating new spaces. This is the first kick, and without a doubt other opportunities will have to house more young people and insert them in school and in the world of work “, says Alfredo.

Priest Alfredo Dórea, responsible for IBCM (Photo: Jefferson Peixoto)
Priest Alfredo Dórea, responsible for IBCM (Photo: Jefferson Peixoto)

For Renildo Barbosa, CPDD-LGBT coordinator, the creation of the republic comes to add to the reduction of damages in the lives of transsexuals and transvestites.

“We would not have a better date for this IBCM initiative in favor of transsexual and transvestite people in a situation of vulnerability with full support for social assistance policies”, celebrates Renildo.

The reception screening will be carried out by the CPDD-LGBT staff, located at Rua do Tijolo, nº 8, Pelourinho – Salvador, Bahia (Brazil).

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