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Navy corporal Allanis Costa (31) managed to return to military service after being sent to the reserve against her will after a process of gender transition. Information came from Extra.

In October, she won a lawsuit against the Navy, which was forced to re-incorporate her into its staff, under penalty of a daily fine in case of non-compliance. The punishment cost BRL 30,000 to public coffers.

For her to rejoin the Navy, she had to leave Londrina (PR), to which she had recently moved, to return to Rio de Janeiro in hurry and also to borrow a uniform from a fellow nurse, as the women’s garments are scarce on the shelves, and they were essential for the military to end the legal battle that followed her compulsory retirement after assuming herself as a trans person in 2015.

The court decision was handed down in early October by the 1st Federal Court of Magé (RJ), which considered the removal of Allanis Costa illegal due to her gender transition.

Trans soldier earns the right to her former post in the Navy after being removed six years ago

Allanis joined the Navy in 2010. Promoted by cable, until 2015 she continued to wear male clothes and name. After reporting on her gender transition, she was placed on compulsory medical leave. She has been away from her duties for six years.

According to O Globo, the pension that Alanis was receiving should be reversed, as it was linked to medical reasons associated with her transsexuality, which was no longer considered a pathology by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2018. The corporal must also have assured the right to take on new positions in the military career, towards the post of sergeant, if he is fit for the position.

The judge also accepted other requests from the defense of the military, represented by trans lawyer Maria Eduarda Aguiar da Silva.. Thus, Alanis must be properly identified with her social name, which had been denied by the Navy until then. The cable will also have the right to work with haircuts and women’s uniforms, in addition to wearing makeup. The decision is still subject to appeal.

At G1, Alanis’ lawyer said: “The navy put her on leave and continued to renovate. When she reached two years of sick leave without being discharged, the Navy ended up reforming, but she was retired due to pure discrimination, without her having any illness. They claimed that she had mental illness, but being transsexual is not considered mental illness. There was illegality both in putting it on leave and in the renovation”.

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