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AMAR + VET is the acronym of the Multiorientation Association for Reception and Representation of Veterinary Medicine in Brazil, the first association of Brazilian veterinary doctors LGBTI+ with the purpose of bringing together not only professionals, but also students of the specialty.

Inaugural AMAR+VET meeting held in January 2020 - Reproduction
Inaugural AMAR+VET meeting held in January 2020 – Reproduction

For two years now, the association has been working on several fronts to combat prejudice and LGBTphobia. Among the activities are lectures on gender issues at veterinary colleges, in addition to providing support to anyone in a vulnerable situation.

“We are growing and with several projects in progress; I believe in the cause because the mental health of students and professionals directly influences the care and training of the same, and therefore, the health of pets”, says Rodrigo Zamith, founder of the project.

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“We realized that prejudice is more openly against the student and veiled against the professional”, says João Telhado, who is also one of the project’s founders.

“We are at the beginning and committed to the purpose”, concludes Zamith.

To follow the activities or participate in the association, the official Instagram account is under the user @amarmaisvet.

Rodrigo Zamith - Reproduction
Rodrigo Zamith – Reproduction

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