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A fight that started between two male volleyball players ended in the best possible way – with a gay kiss. The clash took place between Yu Yamamoto, 24, and Takuya Takamatsu, 29, in a game played by the Japanese Volleyball League.

During the game, Yamamoto, of the Sun Yamagata team, and Takamtasu, Toyoda striker, disagreed over whether or not one side had committed a foul. The two came to confront each other verbally, however, after a fight of a few seconds, they decided to break the tension with a peck.

After a fight, volleyball players from Japan make peace with a little kiss
Fight?! – Reproduction

Although there are no overtly gay players in Japanese volleyball, the moment was welcomed by fans who considered it “the best sporting spirit of all time”, with Takamatsu later saying that he “loves [Yamamoto] as a little brother”.

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