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Qatar, a country in the Middle East known for its culture that, to us Westerners, sounds quite intolerant in terms of diversity, will allow flags and LGBTQIA+ symbols in the World Cup, 2022. The information came on December 10 (via UOL CULTURA).

“We have a country that is conservative, but we are a welcoming country. We are open and welcoming. We understand the difference in people’s cultures. We understand the difference in beliefs too and, therefore, I think, once again, that everyone will be welcome and treated with respect “ – declared the executive president of the World Cup, 2022, Al-Khater.

Qatar has an absolutist monarchical system of government and follows a religious code that prevents relations of people of the same gender. Precisely for this reason, there is still a concern about the safety of LGBTs outside the arenas, considering the local culture.

The World Cup in Qatar will be the first in history to be played in the Middle East. The competition will take place between November 21 and December 18, 2022.

Qatar will allow LGBTQIA+ symbols during the 2022 World Cup


In the country of the Middle East, LGBTs people can, in theory, be punished with the death penalty, because, according to the scriptures of the Muslim religion, it is a haram, which is an Arabic term for the Koran’s prohibitions.

In practice, meetings are not forbidden, but the people themselves meet but do not show their faces publicly. There are also no officially LGBTs spots, but there are illegal bars known to house members of that community.

Despite the opening for the World Cup games, Al-Khater said on another occasion that modesty and dress should be respected, and that public displays of affection among LGBTs people are frowned upon.

“If people follow the advice not to express their affection publicly, I don’t think they can be identified” – said Al Khater in a statement (via O GLOBO).

This article is also available in: Português Español

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