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A study by Monash University in Melbourne (via RNZ) found that 42% of young gay and bisexual men reported having suffered some form of homophobia during sports. According to one of those responsible for the study, Erik Denilson, the data is alarming.

“The sport seems to be stuck in the 1980s, where nothing is changing in terms of the homophobic play that happens. I don’t find [o result] surprising considering that nothing has been done to change this behavior “ – he said, adding that homophobic behavior is directly related to culture within sport.

“Behavior does not change spontaneously, especially when we know that behavior is being driven by culture and standards in sport and not by homophobic attitudes. Just telling people to be diverse and inclusive is not going to change that behavior. You need to use approaches based on in science to change the culture and change the rules and the end result “ – continued.

Research shows that 42% of LGBT youths suffered homotransphobia in sports

The survey was carried out with 1173 young gay, lesbian and bisexual people from countries such as New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and Australia. Another alarming fact is that 33% of young New Zealanders said they had suffered some form of bullying within the sport.

“We expected that LGBT youth who got out in New Zealand sport would report less homophobic behavior because the country is very progressive on these issues. We expected everyone around them to stop homophobic play and other behaviors that we know remain common in team sports”, he continued.

Denison proposes that these studies contribute so that, in the future, the sports environment is not the target of homotransphobia.

“The LGBTQ community has been making this accusation [sobre homofobia] for years, but now we have several studies that confirm this perception. There is strong evidence that LGB youth are attacked by homophobic and transphobic behavior. This is a serious public health problem that needs urgent action by politicians and governments “ – concludes Denison.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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