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The captain of the Russian football team, Artem Dzyuba, was cut from the next games after the leak of an intimate video in which a man very similar to him masturbates, according to GE. The decision was announced by the coaching staff last Sunday, as a measure to protect the team and the player from possible “excess of negativity and tension”, until the situation is normalized.

The video leak occurred last Saturday night. In the images, a man very similar to the player appears on the bed masturbating, but neither the athlete nor his club, Zenit (where he is also the team captain) confirmed that it is him. The 32-year-old blocked comments on his Instagram account.


Users of social networks claim that the noise in the video appears to be from the Russian sports program “Match TV”, presented by Maria Orzul. She and Dzyuba became romantically involved in 2015, when they were both married to other people.

Recently, Dzyuba was spotted simulating sexual intercourse with a teammate during celebrations of the Russian title.

Away so as not to impair team concentration

“The situation with Artem Dzyuba has nothing to do with the Russian team, from a sports point of view. Therefore, we do not have to give more detailed comments on this subject. But the coaching staff understands that the selection needs to prepare for the next games with maximum concentration and not be distracted by other things“, explained coach Stanislav Cherchesov.

Russia face Moldova in a friendly on Thursday (12), and then travel to face Turkey on 15 November and Serbia on 18. These two commitments are for the last rounds of the group stage of the League of Nations. The Russian national team leads its bracket in League B with eight points.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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