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Preston North soccer player Darnell Fisher could be punished or even banned from soccer after touching the penis of Sheffield Wednesday’s opponent Callum Paterson during a Premier League game. In that match, Preson North won 1 to 0.

The filming of the act generated repercussions on social networks, considering that the first time it seemed that it had happened by accident, but the second time, it is visible that it was intentional. Between the two “touches”, Paterson looks towards what is imagined to be the match judge.

Sheffield Wednesdey coach Tony Pulis did not comment on the matter, but the team’s fans were very sharp in rebuking Fisher’s action on palpating his opponent’s penis.

“People will laugh about it, but how is it acceptable to touch someone’s genitals without consent ?!” – wrote an internet user. A second one said, “I was surprised to see this. How is that acceptable in the game?”

Defender can be punished for touching his opponent's penis

This is the second case in less than a week that reflects the action of a player who is punished for harassment. On November 18, English rugby player Joel Tomkins was suspended for eight games for sticking his finger in the anus of his opponent, Richie Myler, during a match that was being broadcast across England.

The “ground wire” happened during a game between Catalan (Tomkins’ team) against Rhinos (from Myler). The information came from The Sun. The incident happened on November 13 during an NRL game, considered the UK’s top league. After the match, the NRL considered the infraction to be very serious and gave the player suspension. Myler himself, who suffered the assault, did not accuse him when asked about the matter, but the punishment came because the TV cameras showed it.

With information from Monet Magazine

This article is also available in: Português Español

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