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Soon, trans men will be able to implant a fully functional penis to fully transition to the desired gender. At least that’s what the American plastic surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston,Curtis Cetrulom, tells the MedPage Today channel.

“It would be a quantum leap to be able to transplant a real penile structure. And we are going to exceed this limit! We are ready to do that and we will be able to perform the procedure soon if we get the medical approval we are waiting for” – said Cetrulom.

Cetrulom already had a penile transplant in 2016 that became known worldwide, but in this case it was for a cis gender man who had his genital organ amputated due to cancer. The operation lasted 15 hours and involved more than 50 doctors from different departments, including urology, psychiatry and plastic surgery.

Doctor says trans men may have 100% functional penis soon

Nowadays, the plastic surgeon wants the North American medical community to understand that this procedure is also important for trans men, considering that, until now, transplants were only allowed for cis men who lost their penis.

The method proposed by Curtis Cetrulom would give trans men sexual, urinary function and aesthetic maintenance. Going through the entire testing process and being approved, the methodology should replace current surgeries that have unsatisfactory results for both cis and trans men.

“[A nova cirurgia causaria] less urethral complications, better aesthetic result and better physiological sexual capacity” – says Cetrulom.

According to an article on the Vice channel, there are currently two methods for making a penis: methoidioplasty and neofaloplasty. The first consists of increasing the size of the clitoris so that it looks like a micropenis, while the second builds the genital organ using other parts of the body. However, both techniques do not allow the person to have all the features of a natural penis and the techniques are, until today, experimental.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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