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Last Tuesday (23), Netflix released the first teaser for Queer Eye Brasil, featuring the Brazilian fabulous five: Fred Nicácio, Guto Requena, Luca Scarpelli, Rica Benozzati and Yohan Nicolas. The series follows five lifestyle experts who visit people in need of renovation.

In the Brazilian version, Fred is responsible for health and well-being; Guto will give design tips and transform people’s relationship with their spaces; the influencer Luca is responsible for ensuring more culture in people’s lives; the stylist Rica, will guide participants about fashion; Yohan will take care of the natural beauty.

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The series is a retelling of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, by Bravo. The North American version of “Queer Eye” has been running since 2018 on Netflix – it has already won nine Emmys and will launch its sixth season later this year. “Queer Eye Brasil” should arrive in 2022 to the streaming platform.

“An honor to be part of this project! May I know how to take advantage of this immense platform to touch people’s hearts, and talk about architecture, design and the values of the future that bother me so much”, wrote the architect Guto on Instagram. On the same social network, Luca said: “Who else can’t handle with anxiety either?”.

On Instagram, the other presenters also published the teaser of the series and celebrated. “I am very happy to be one of the hosts of this beautiful, human and full of love show,” Fred said. Yohan and Rica took the opportunity to thank the program’s producers. “Our entire team is very beautiful,” wrote the stylist.

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