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Thay Ferrarini, the Transgender Miss Campos dos Goytacazes, was the winner of a motorcycle giveaway from the company Junior Car Motors, located in upstate Rio de Janeiro. The giveaway happened on December 20 and it was posted on Instagram.

However, what was supposed to be good news ended up turning into a problem, since Ferrarini accuses the entrepreneur Junior Vianna of changing the rules so he wouldn’t give the prize to her after realizing she was a transgender woman, what characterizes the crime of transphobia. The transgender activist Luisa Marilac shared what happened and is helping Thay Ferrarini to get the case to court.

An entrepreneur changed the giveaway rules so he wouldn't give the prize to a transgender winner

Meanwhile, Junior Vianna claims that Thay didn’t follow one of the requested rules. The company asked the contestants to follow the store profile, to like the official picture and to tag three friends and also the @juniorcarmotors profile on Instagram. Thay did all of that, but Vianna claimed that those three tagged friends should also follow the store profile, which wasn’t originally in the rules of the store.

According to information gathered by Portal Arrasa, the company edited the rules post on Instagram after the giveaway had happened, but didn’t do the same with the post on Facebook. After protests of the public, Vianna recorded a video saying that he will not give the motorcycle and asking the Internet users to stop sending so many messages.

“TRANSPHOBIA. Through this statement I will report this transphobic action (as you can see in the video) the giveaway motorcycle belongs to @thay_ferrarini . “Friend, when they found out that I am a transgender woman, they didn’t give me the motorcycle”. I urge all of you to demand an answer on the @juniorcarmotors Instagram, who did the giveaway, until the motorcycle is with its winner. #themotorcyclebelongstothay P.S.: he edited the giveway rules” – said Thay Ferrarini on her Instagram.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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