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The cosmetics company Pedaços de Amor will pay a compensation of R $ 5,000 for moral damages to a trans woman due to an advertising campaign disclosed on Women’s Day in 2017.

The controversy occurred because the image, displayed on billboards in Santo André and São Bernardo do Campo, showed a trans urinating in a urinal with the slogan “Piracy is a crime”.

Company condemned for transphobic propaganda on Women's Day

According to judge Gustavo Henrique Bretas Marzagão, from the 35th Civil Court of the Central Civil Forum of São Paulo, the campaign “extrapolates freedom of expression” and fosters prejudice, discrimination and hatred.

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“When stating that piracy is a crime and using the image of a transsexual to illustrate falsehood, the defendant clearly attributes the predicates of inauthentic, spurious and vicious, which, in addition to being offensive, evidently does not correspond to reality because the transsexual, far from ‘counterfeiting’, he is a person like the others, with virtues and defects, rights and obligations, under the terms of article 5 of the Federal Constitution, which provides for the equality of all without distinction of any kind “says an excerpt from the dispatch.

The campaign received a lot of criticism on social networks at the time of its publication and, in a short time, Pedaços de Amor removed the content from social networks. The woman who filed the lawsuit (her name has not been released) classified the advertisement as “discriminatory, prejudiced and pejorative”, being also responsible for inciting hatred against trans people.

It is worth remembering that recently, trans teacher Duda Salabert (PDT), was the target of transphobia during the inauguration of her position as councilor in Belo Horizonte by councilman Wesley Autoescola (PROS). This happened when Wesley congratulated Professor Marli (PP), stating that she was the most voted woman for the post in the city’s elections, with 14,496 votes. Continue reading on this link.

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