Bangladesh inaugura primeira escola religiosa para pessoas trans

Bangladesh opens first religious school for transgender people

As in many parts of the world, transgender people in Bangladesh mostly lack formal education and many cannot read and write.

Ewan McGregor visits muxes, trans and non-binary people linked to Mexican traditions

In the episode, the duo meets artisan Donaiji, and during the chat they talk about acceptance of trans people in society

Trans women defy government and marry in Hungary, which has banned transgender identity

"Our dream has come true. We are very happy to have received an official seal about our relationship", said one of the brides.
Victoria Volkóva é a primeira trans a estampar capa da Playboy mexicana

Victoria Volkóva is the first trans to print the cover of Mexican Playboy

" Mexico Playboy is committed to the openness and diversity that we strive for daily in this country."
Mike Tyson confronta rapper que fez comentário transfóbico

Mike Tyson confronts rapper who made transphobic comment

Tyson's daughter made him understand trans people differently
Vote LGBTQ+: Renan Quinalha convida Bruna Benevides para falar sobre trans na política

Vote LGBTQ+: Renan Quinalha invites Bruna Benevides to talk about trans representativeness in politics

The live will take place next Thursday, November 5th, at 19h, on Instagram @gayblogbr

Americans elect two transgender candidates for the legislature

Sarah McBride, 30, became the first trans senator from the state of Delaware - and the country, getting 86% of the vote
Trans impedida de usar banheiro feminino será indenizada com R$ 12 mil

Trans barred from using women’s bathroom will be compensated at R$ 12,000

"It is a perfect example of a violation of the dignity of the human person" - said the public defender
Professor de jiu-jitsu dá aulas gratuitamente para trans aprenderem a se defender

Jiu-jitsu teacher teaches classes free of charge for trans people to learn to defend...

In addition to physical protection, there are discussions about the space of trans people in sport
Padre lança clipe com transgêneros e prostitutas: "Precisamos viver o amor e a misericórdia"

Father releases video with trans and prostitutes: “We need to live love and mercy”

"I am clear that the video clip is in line with the teachings of Christ"
"As pessoas não estão acostumadas em nos ver num lugar de protagonismo", diz nova Miss Trans Brasil

“People are not used to seeing us in a leading place”, says new Miss...

Social Sciences student Eloá Rodrigues, 27, won the contest "Miss Trans Brazil" this year and is already preparing for the international

Divine diva Jane di Castro dies at 73

The Gay Blog report talked to Jane on the last 5 to set up an interview. She said it was impossible because she was recovering from surgery

Roberta Close’s trans niece, Gabrielle Gambine rocks in art and fashion with intelligence and...

In exclusive interview for GAY BLOG BR, Gambine talks about transfobia, the recent cases involving violence against trans women and about famous aunt

A pastor makes a transphobic post against Miss Goiás: “She is a man”

The Miss in question is the 25-year-old model Rayka Vieira, the first trans woman to be selected as Goiás' representative at Miss World Brazil.

“When I was sent away from home, age 15, everything started to get better”,...

Charm Mone exchanged Brazil for Germany to live his transsexuality away from prejudice and also to become a singer

São Paulo has its first pre-candidate to the role of deputy mayor

Alexya Salvador is also the first trans reverend in a christian church in Latin America. Her pre-candidature is with Sâmia Bomfim for PSOL

Sailor Moon is a pioneer in LGBT representation for younger audiences

A worldwide hit, Sailor Moon already showed LGBT representation before this term got popular.