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The series Long Way Up, which shows the journey of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman traveling the American continent on a motorcycle, showed an episode in which both meet the indigenous Zoptec tribe “Muxes“, composed of non-binary and trans people.

The tribe, located in Santo Domingo Tehuantepec, has this well accepted custom and does not face the stigma of society as we are used to.

Ewan McGregor visits muxes, trans and non-binary people linked to Mexican traditions

In the episode, Ewan McGregor and Charley Booman meet craftsman Donaiji and during the chat they talk about acceptance of trans and non-binary people in society. The “Long Way Up” series is available through Apple TV.

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Trans teacher from Maranhão said that parents thought she could influence their children to be gay

In January of this year, professor Yanna Rhamissy, from Maranhão, reported the importance and great need of employability activations that the main cities of the country are doing this Wednesday, Trans Visibility Day. Yanna, who never identified with biological sex, even had difficulty completing the internship hours during her letters course.

“That many companies have been concerned with filling their vacancies with the most different profiles is already a reality, however when it comes to trans, not all are actually employing them. There is a lot of speech and little practice. Especially when we talk about education ”, evidences Yanna, who is currently a professor at Minds Idiomas.

“Many school managers even said that I could influence their children to be gay. We don’t choose to be trans. We were born trans. It was a very difficult time, as I wanted to practice my profession as a teacher but only get underemployed ”, she says.

“Violence is accompanied by misinformation, a lack of empathy. As an education network, we have a duty to provide students, employees and partners with information on diversity and, more than that, to live well with differences with respect always ”, ponders Augusto Jimenez, director and educational psychologist at the school network where Yanna currently teaches.

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Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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