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The statue of Mary Wollstonecraft, made to honor the eighteenth-century feminist activist and opened last November 10 in Newington Green, England, was covered by a T-shirt with a slogan contrary to the right of trans people. The information came from Pink News.

The statue was created by the lesbian artist Maggi Hambling and shows a small figure made in silver totally naked on top of a pedestal. Hambling’s choices generated a lot of debate on social media and several anti-trans activists decided that the ideal would be to cover the statue with a T-shirt written “adult human woman”, one of the slogans used by people declared to be against transgender rights.

“A genuine question: why is the statue of Mary Wollstonecraft naked? I have seen many statues of male writers, rights activists and philosophers and I don’t remember any of them without clothes” – says a tweet from the account “Aunty Malorie Blackman”.

“If you thought it couldn’t be more embarrassing, apparently they put an adult woman’s blouse on the statue of Mary Wollstonecraft.”

Feminist icon statue is covered with a blouse from the anti-trans movement

Who was the feminist Mary Wollstonecraft?

Mary Wollstonecraft was an 18th century English writer who became known for being a defender of women’s rights and, therefore, is considered a pioneer in the feminist movement, even before it emerged.

Her activism came because, at the time, there were few career options for the poorest women, leading her to write the book “Unfortunate Situations of Women, Educated to Precept and Left Without Fortune”. A year later, she decided to quit her career as an educator to be a writer, an act considered quite courageous in time, as few women were able to support themselves with writing alone. In 1787 she moved to London and, supported by the liberal editor Joseph Johnson, found a place to work and live independently.

During the French revolution, the former bishop of Autin argued that state schools should end in eighth grade for girls, but continue for boys, awakening the revolt of Wollstonecraftsaid that the revolutionaries’ speech was of equal rights, but there was no real intention was help women significantly. It was in this context that she wrote the book “A Claim for Women’s Rights”, which is her most famous book.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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